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I am the National Security Advisor. It's my job to prevent terrorist attacks, not cause them...
~ Derek C. Simmons, refusing accusations of supporting terrorism.

Derek Clifford Simmons is the secondary antagonist in Resident Evil 6, serving as the main antagonist of Leon's campaign, the secondary antagonist of Ada's campaign, and a supporting antagonist in Jake's campaign.

He is the National Security Adviser of President Adam Benford and leader of the group known as The Family. He is the one who is responsible for the nuclear destruction of Raccoon City and the bioterrorist attack on Tall Oaks which even infects the president as well. He can be encountered in Leon and Ada's campaign.

Due to his actions, he is the archenemy of Helena Harper and Leon S. Kennedy in Resident Evil 6.

He was voiced by David Lodge, who also voiced Yaldabaoth in Persona 5 and Bahamut in Final Fantasy XV.



In 1967, Derek Clifford Simmons was born from a secret historically important family. His ancestor founded the group known as The Family. He was a high ranked government official and The Family's leader. In 1983, sometime around his high school education years, Simmons befriended Adam Benford; their friendship would last thirty years.

At some point prior to the Raccoon City Incident, he met Ada Wong and provided missions for her with extreme efficiency. At some time, he got infatuated with her and fell in love with her, but she didn't. He wanted to keep his involvement in the Raccoon City alongside the Umbrella Corporation and the U.S. government secret from the entire world. Because of that, Ada left him and stopped working for him, breaking any contact from him. Simmons got so mad that she left him he decided to created his own Ada Wong for his own purpose.

Carla Radames and Project Ada

Simmons hired the young and extremely intelligent Carla Radames, for her extensive genetics research. While he simply wanted her to make viruses and bio-organic weapons, Carla fell in love with him, similar to how he fell for Ada. Wishing nothing more than to please Simmons and obtain his praise, Carla worked very hard in order to create a virus which later became the C-Virus. As its mutative properties became more known and it was discovered to be guided, Simmons was finally able to begin the process he had promised to accomplish when Ada left his employment.

Project Ada began under Carla Radames, with the goal of perfectly recreating Ada Wong. However, thousands of test subjects died and failed to looked like her in repeated failures and some awful monstrosities. It was not until the 12,235th experiment when it became a success. After having discovered that Carla's genetic make-up would provide the closest result, Simmons took the advantage of the woman's feelings for him. He convinced her to be the next test subject. Much to his delight, he saw Carla being rebirth as Ada Wong after she hatched from the chrysalid a decade after starting his selfish ambitions.

With Ada Wong once again in his life, Simmons dedicated himself to "programming" her. He always had to make sure that she was like Ada in every regard. He wanted to make sure that she won't leave him again as what the real Ada did. He always hoped that Carla would be the Ada he always dreamed of and bears the same manners and intelligence as well. He make sure that she won't betray him. He was unaware that his new Ada Wong still has the small attitude of Carla Radames, he showered her with her own great responsibility by giving her a submarine base and complete control of The Family's Asian soldiers.

Agent Sherry Birkin

While Sherry Birkin, daughter of the late Umbrella scientist William Birkin, was put under protective custody, Simmons became her legal guardian. For unknown reasons, he allowed Claire Redfield to visit her whenever she wished, as he had seen how much she cared for Claire; most likely allowing Sherry a close relationship to someone despite the need to keep her safe would reflect better on Simmons. Unknown to him, Claire found him suspicious and even tried to warn Sherry about him by even sending a letter which never arrived.

By 2009, the year Project Ada was a success, Sherry was made a seemingly spontaneous offer after the experimentation had just finished and the only known threat to her, Albert Wesker, was dead. She was made a government agent and would report directly to Simmons, finally giving her freedom after 11 years of protective government custody, while aiding against the bioweapons that had caused so much damage before.

Simmons realized how much he could inevitably benefit from a skilled agent with regenerative capabilities able to do his bidding, despite how he felt about her benevolent personality.

Betrayal in Edonia

By, 2012, issues began to arise for Simmons. The first came from the mercenary Jake Muller, son of the late Albert Wesker. He was informed about Jake's confirmed existence and how he was operating as a mercenary in Edonia. Considering the viral existence of Jake's father, Simmons believed that Muller would have the same abilities as his father and realize that the antibodies in his DNA could result into a vaccine on C-Virus. As it was determined that Jake's blood could enhanced C-Virus. In a twofold step in order to prevent the creation of the vaccine, he sent his two most trusted sources to handle the situation.

He sent Sherry Birkin to take Jake Muller to custody and escort him personally to Simmons. At the same time, he sent Carla Radames to Edonia to to confirm that Jake has the antibodies to the C-Virus as well as to make sure that Jake and Sherry would make it out of the country safely. He secured Jake's cooperation by agreeing to his $50,000,000 price; a small amount to pay with the Family's resources.

However, he was unaware of the betrayal that his Ada Wong plans take them both and use Jake's blood to enhanced her own C-Virus and even sent a B.O.W., to capture them. She later informed Simmons about their "death" although he had no idea that she secretly transported them to China in order to create her own C-Virus.

Assassination of President Adam Benford

Nearly 6 months after the failure in Edonia, he receives another threat. The U.S. President Adam Benford, a former ally of the family whom he is advising, have decided to reveal to the American people about the Raccoon City Incident and the government's involvement on bioterrorism on Ivy University in Tall Oaks on a press conference. He tried to warn and convince him about it but the president refuse. Fearing that it would ruin the reputation of the U.S. government and The Family as well. In order to prevent such from happening, he have kidnapped the sister of Helena Harper, a DSO agent and Leon's partner and blackmailed her to follow him by having the president exposed to C-Virus. Due to her caring love for her sister, she aided the attack by reporting a false alarm on an agency radio channel, creating an opening for the president to be exposed on C-Virus spread by Lepotitsa, a zombie created during Project Ada. Unknown to her, Simmons plans to execute her and had already infected her sister with C-Virus seeing no more use for her.

Deciding to cut all ties to his laboratory under the cathedral, Simmons had his scientists begin evacuating cocoons with useful mutations in them. One such cocoon contained a Lepotisa, which was planted outside the entrance to lab via the hidden stairs in the cathedral; in case Helena made it back. However, it seems one Lepotisa hatched early while the ships were being loaded, and infected the entire lab before dying; numerous staff had been zombified, with the gas even reaching into the catacombs below and bringing the long-dead back as well.

The plan could not have gone any better as Helena's attempts at pinning the blame on Simmons were easily scoffed off with his high-ranked position. Leon Scott Kennedy, Adam Benford's personal friend and bodyguard involve with it, giving Simmons a scapegoat for the crime of the president's assassination. Now in control, he put Operation: Bacillus Terminatei into motion again into destroying Tall Oaks and destroying any evidence of his involvement in the process.

To Simmons' surprise, the real Ada called him before the operation; informing him that Carla had betrayed him and was planning to destroy the world with her Neo-Umbrella organization. Simmons promptly left for China, learning from his sources that Leon and Helena had faked their deaths thanks to Hunnigan and were after him. He sent a Family agent to infect the pilot with a Lepotisa strain of C-Virus, to infect the plane the two were on to ensure it crashed.

To Simmons' great joy, he got a call from Sherry, who explained that she and Jake had escaped captivity in China. Simmons set up a meeting point to retrieve them

Infection & Death

Still reeling from the realization that Ada betrayed him the second time, Simmons made his way to Kwung Leng building in Koocheng where he set his meeting with Sherry Birkin. Much to his surprise, he and his Family soldiers were confronted by Leon and Helena, who were still alive and are very angry with him for what happened in Tall Oaks especially for the death of 70,000 people including the president and Helena's sister. Only moments later, Sherry and Jake joined the meeting. She asked her superior about his involvement with President Benford's assassination and then he blames it to be Leon's fault who along with Helena angrily points their guns at him. Then he finally admitted that he is responsible for the president's death. After telling the truth, he ordered his men to kill Leon and Helena, while sparing Jake and Sherry since he still have use for them until he was assaulted by a stray J'avo working for Carla, who manages to shoot a single shot of enhanced C-Virus at him, before getting killed by Simmons' men.

Enraged for all beyond the reason of this betrayal, he makes an escape by stumbling on a passing train while Leon and Helena chase him from the back. He was contacted by Carla before transforming to his mutation. Noticing Leon and Helena still attempting to capture or kill him, his anger increased at the though that they would rather pursue him. Succumbing to the infection as the enhanced C-Virus consumed his body, his entire structure began to split and fracture until his body ultimately mutated to a horrific monstrosity that was vaguely mechanical in appearance,. He proceeded to transform into his first form: a creature resembling a quadruped Chinese lion with an extendable neck similar to a sauropod. Simmons proceeded to battle both agents aboard the running train, believing himself to have the upper hand with his new mutation. However, the two managed to eventually wear him down until he reached the point of vulnerability, particularly under the realization that The Family intended for him to die and then replace him. He attempted his final attack on the two by ramming the train they were riding in order to kill them but unfortunately, from a single-placed shot that came from Helena, he lost his balance and fell under the train. The two abandoned their derailed cars, leaping into a nearby ocean believing that he was already dead.

However, the severe infection from the potent virus made Simmons incredibly resilient and he survived his injuries. Although his spirit was deeply damaged, Simmons made his way to the Quad Tower where Project Ada had began so many years ago. It was there were he confronted Leon and Helena. As an added surprise, the real Ada Wong showed up while riding on a helicopter. Simmons took over his mutation again and this time, he gained access to a second form that resembling a huge T-Rex. Completely consumed by by only the basic of instincts, Simmons attempted to kill the three, even throwing the weight of his body on Ada's helicopter to destroy it and even destroying a BSAA truck and killed its driver after he attempted to help Leon and Helena. His body reverted back to human form several times throughout the battle as he sustained more damage until he collapsed from his recently newfound mutated form, succumbing to his wounds once more. Ada made her escape as Leon and Helena followed her up to the roof of the Quad Tower.

Simmons manages to survive his death and his desire for revenge drove him on as he stalked Ada up to the tower building. Utilizing his first form that he gained at his early mutation, he confronted the real Ada personally on a connector between two of the towers. She was able to fend him off for a time, Leon and Helena managing briefly to provide aid from a distance. Frustrated with the distraction, Simmons shifted his sights to the two new targets and proceeded to attack them as they attempted to climb up the cable wire to one of the elevators. Ada returned their favor and provided cover-fire for them, preventing him from hurting the two while at the same time drawing his attention to her. He later got his advantage during the battle and manages to knock-out Ada briefly. Leon finally manages to make it into the building's platform and protected Ada until she came to. Simmons did his best to prove his love for Ada and dispose off Leon and continued to fight until Ada joined him. The battle continued and Simmons once held an edge above his enemies despite the abuse his mutated form took. Toppling Leon to the edge of the platform, he taunted him as he is held for his life and then steps on his hand, attempting to make him lose grip and fall to his death until Ada came up behind him and stabbed him with one of her crossbow arrows. She grabbed Simmons and jumped to the edge and dropped him to the flames of the city's burning ground and used her grappling gun to save herself.

Simmons, who managed to survive the fall Ada did to him, continues to attack Leon. He followed Leon and Helena to the roof of the Quad Tower. He uses his new third form thanks to his mutation allowing him to consume those who are infected with C-Virus gas to regenerate the damage he had sustained. His first attack was short-lived as Leon and Helena weakened him to the point where a small swarm of zombies them began to feast on his mutated body. However, Simmons turned out retaliate all of them and newly mutated for the final time in process. Simmons proceed to made another attack in his new fourth, massive form; this time resembling a giant housefly. He tried to dislodge the tram cart Leon rode, but was unsuccessful until he cornered the two agents just outside the heliport. Battle ensued on and seemed like it would go on until his prey was exhausted as he continues to regenerate by devouring surrounding zombies and eventually became colossal in size. However, a lightning rod that had broken loose during Ada's landing as seen in her campaign came into play and the agents trick him by devouring a zombie with a rod impaled at its body. As he regenerated part of his damaged head, the lightning rod became embedded on it after devouring it, drawing a strong lightning electrocuting him. In the moment of freedom, Leon and Helena manage to reached the helicopter which was the same helicopter Ada used in fighting Simmons back when he was in his second form. Simmons came back, surviving the shock that came from his head after accidentally absorbing a zombie with a lightning rod.

A rocket launcher left by Ada which is just beside the helicopter which she left as a gift for the agents, was used and fired at him. Simmons was dislodge from the roof of the tower with destroyed head and sending him falling below while being reverted back into his human form and his body got completely impaled on the obelisk in the courtyard at the center of the tower were he confronted them earlier. He tried to transform again but to no avail as the lack of strength of the would he sustained slowly bled him until he finally died, with his blood flooding the courtyard's floor ironically forming the logo of the Umbrella Corporation. This practically symbolized that his overall actions were not only as evil as Umbrella previously, but also revealed the US government's connections to Umbrella.


  • Derek has several forms in his final battle at his disposal during the boss battle thanks to C-Virus infection, much like William Birkin by G-Virus before him. This happened due to traits from G-Virus traits that inherited by C-Virus that created as combination between T-Veronica Virus and G-Virus. Unlike Birkin however, whom mutation seemingly one-way transformation (unable to revert to previous form once gained another), Derek ended up became a shapeshifter mutant instead due being able to revert to his base mutated form by his own will and vice-versa to another forms thanks to traits from T-Veronica Virus. Despite this, as his mutation goes on, a new forms will available for him in his disposal as more damaged his body, more forms will available for him.
  • Interestingly, as a mutated boss in the Resident Evil franchise, Derek's shapeshifting process is vaguely mechanical, as his shapeshifting process was reminiscent on how Cybertronians shapeshift in the Live-Action Transformers series, especially in his first three forms. However, if one looks closely, all of hardened pieces of Derek's mutated body along with his flesh tissues also size-shifting (enlarges and shrinks) during transformation process. It can be seen during his shapeshifting process, especially when transformed both into Initial Centaur form and Completed Centaur form.
  • When attacked by Carla, Simmons says the phrase "She got me, well played". Later in the game, Carla says this phrase as well.
  • In spite of being the game's secondary antagonist, Derek can also be considered the greater scope villain of Resident Evil 6 since he's the one who drives Carla into villainy in the first place by taking advantage of her and making her a clone to Ada Wong.
  • Simmons shares may traits with Yaldabaoth (in Persona 5) and Bahamut (in Final Fantasy XV)
    • They are all hypocritical figures of power who cheat to get their points across and keep their crimes from being exposed.
    • They are all the final bosses:
      • Bahamut's case would assume Final Fantasy XV's final three planned DLC chapters are restored somehow.
      • Yaldabaoth is the last boss before the third semester segment of Persona 5 Royal.
      • Simmons is the last boss of Leon and Helena's story campaign.
    • They're all voiced in English by David Lodge.

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