Michael Arden - Source code 2011

Derek's defeat

The world is Hell. We have a chance to start over in the rubble. But first, there has to be rubble.
~ Frost's apocalyptic philosophy

Derek Frost is the main antagonist of the 2011 sci-fi thriller Source Code portrayed by Michael Arden. He carried a Ruger SR9 pistol as his main sidearm, which he at one point used to kill two people. 

Role in film

Frost is a severly disturbed man who thinks that the world is hell and needs to start again to be made better. He intended to accomplish this by blowing up Chicago with a nuclear bomb he had made himself. Frost then intended to further do more acts of terrorism which would presumably result in the destruction of many more cities and possibly millions more lives. Frost was successful in destroying a train he had left his wallet in so everyone would think he had died with everyone else on-board. However, thanks to the highly advanced scientific creation called "Source Code" which enables an almost dead person to live the last eight minutes of a deceased persons life, Capt. Colter Stevens was able to stop Derek from setting off his second bomb. Captain Stevens accomplished this by revisiting the last eight minutes of the destroyed train several times, eventually finding the bomb, disabling it and capturing Frost. Every time the eight minutes expires, Stevens would return to the Source Code facility to inform the workers what he had found out. After informing them of Frost's name and the van he was driving, authorities captured him. Stevens however, returned into Source Code one final time to stop the alternate reality Frost from destroying the train by handcuffing him to a pole and pretending to be him in a phone call confession to the cops. Frost appeared in several Source Code scenarios and was only captured in the final one. Even though the present him was captured, the other alternate Frost's were presumably successful or captured too.

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