Derek Miller is the Avon Chief Constable and a minor antagonist in Man Vs Beast, the sixth book in the CHERUB series.

In Man Vs Beast

As the Chief Constable, Miller is in charge of the taskforce preventing the protests by the Zebra Alliance (animal rights activists) against Malarek UK, a corporation lead by Clyde Wainwright that tests household products on millions of animals every year, as well as the protection of Malarek employees from the AFM. He sets up a sting operation that involves a van that the police say contains a cage full of monkeys going to the Malarek UK lab at Corbyn Copse. When the protesters try to stop it, his men will swoop in and arrest as many as they can.


The Zebra Alliance immediately saw through Miller's plan, at which point they hatched one of their own. When the van came in, it was not intercepted, instead being allowed to pass by a group of students who the Zebra Alliance paid to stand outside the gates of the lab. While Miller and his men were at the lab, Viv Carter and other Zebra Alliance members wrecked the police vehicles parked up the road. Miller later told the media that he wouldn't give up, despite now facing a shortage of vehicles.


There is a mistake in the categories of this article. It says Law and Order Villains, which is incorrect. This may be due to Miller being a policeman, as not everyone is aware of the show Law and Order.

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