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Derek Milligan is a fictional character and anti-villain of the long-running British soap opera Coronation Street. He only appeared as a supporting antagonist in 2019.

In his storyline, Derek initially conspired with protagonist anti-hero Gary Windass in the latter's plan to takeover the Underworld factory; however, Derek's attempt to get control over Gary leads to their confrontation on Christmas 2019 that ends with Derek accidentally killing established character Robert Preston shortly before meeting his own demise.

He was portrayed by Craige Els.


Derek Milligan first came to Weatherfield in August 2019 as an associate of loan shark Gary Windass, who attempted to convince his girlfriend's brother Nick Tilsley to hire Derek as his business partner. Although Nick agreed, it later turned out that Derek was in fact in debt to Gary and that he is actually conspiring with the latter's plan to secretly takeover Nick's ownership of the Underworld Factory after his ex-wife and the factory's owner Carla Connor is recovering from trauma.

Soon enough, Derek seeks to take charge of Gary when they both learn that Nick prefers to have Derek takeover the factory. Gary attempts to warn Derek off, but Derek refuses and infuriates Gary by having a relationship with his ex-girlfriend Izzy Armstrong and bonding with their young son Jake. However, Gary resolves to threaten Derek after telling the latter how he brutally attacked Carla's relative Ryan Connor for messing him around and forces him to stay away from Izzy and Weatherfield. However, Derek again defies Gary around Christmas time and Gary ends up holding Derek captive that causes the latter to miss out on his Christmas plans with ex-wife Julia along with their children Patrick and Robin.

On Christmas Day 2019, Derek endures a drunken stupor and finds a loaded gun in Gary's workshop. He steals the gun and storms into The Rovers Return Inn public house, demanding to know where Gary is hiding. He finds Gary and peruses him, shooting both Ryan's stepfather Robert Preston and then Nick's sister-in-law Shona Ramsay in the process. Derek does manage to shoot Gary, but is eventually overpowered and is left dangling on the roof for his life. Gary reluctantly attempts to help Derek up to safety, but he loses his grip and Gary watches as Derek falls to his death. At the same time, Derek's siege results in Robert's death as he dies in hospital whilst Shona ends up having a memory loss.


  • He made a total of 18 appearances throughout his time on the show.