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It should come as no surprise to you, that I don't like this department. Never have, never will. I see no need for an IT department, I'd rather use this basement for something important. Like a big toilet.
~ Derek to Jen.

Derek Pippen is the main antagonist in The IT Crowd episode "Return Of The Golden Child". He was originally going to be the new CEO of Reynholm Industries after Denholm died and before Douglas returned to inherit his father's company.


Pippen was Denholm's right-hand man in Reynolhm Industries however after the latter leaped from the window to his demise, Pippen inherited the company since Douglas had been missing for several years prior. Upon his death Derek had no longer tried to hide the fact that he despised the IT Department. Derek patrolled many of the offices in the building on the day of Denholm's funeral and when he arrived to the IT department he told Jen about his hatred to the department. He was surprised at the fact that she didn't know about this, telling her he even left a memo saying "I HATE THE IT DEPARTMENT". Once he saw Moss and Roy screwing around with Roy's phone vibration, he furiously yelled at them and was disgusted by their behaviour. At the funeral he was seen glaring at the three and later after Roy caused a scene since he thought he was going to die that day, he told the three that they were finished and fired from their jobs. Shortly before Douglas arrived Derek gave his speech (which was only a poem he heard in Four Weddings and a Funeral). After Douglas arrived Derek informed him that he worked closely with his father, however Douglas said that he would employ his own people and fired him. Derek however received punishment for his actions and remained rather wealthy despite losing his job.


~ Derek Pippen to Moss and Roy.
You're all out of here. YOU ARE ALL OUT OF HERE. YOU'RE HISTORY!
~ Derek firing the IT department.
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