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Derella is a youma that was summoned by Jadeite after noticing the large crowds that teen idol Mikan Shiratori (Saffron) from fans who want autographs. Derella was to assume Mikan's identity.


For this to happen, Derella broke into Saffron’s apartment (possibly through the window) and trapped her in a cocoon by emitting from her mouth an icy blue webbing substance.

Masquerading as Mikan Shiratori (Saffron), Derella and Jadeite organised a “star quest (talent) contest” called the Cinderella Caravan, awarding the winning team (comprising of two people) a change of stardom by offering them a contract like Mikan Shiratori’s (Saffron). Whilst making an unofficial announcement of the competition on the side trailer of a truck, Jadeite and the fake Saffron (Derella) hypnotised a crowd in the surrounding area using a satellite dish; including Mikan Shiratori’s (Saffron’s) manager, a police officer investigating the unofficial gathering and some of Usagi’s classmates (i.e. Naru and Umino.

All of these victims were lured into participating for the talent contest and to think of nothing but performing. Once these people auditioned for the talent contest, they were invited to the “finals” at the Shan Shan Plaza Auditorium to perform their acts. Before they could perform their acts, Derella used a disco ball on the ceiling of the auditorium to create the illusion of an audience being present and cheering for them even though there was nobody there! All of the victims simultaneously appeared on stage and performed their acts.

The fake Saffron used her lapel microphone to steal the energy from her victims as they performed. Meanwhile, Usagi who heard about the performance decided to attend. After witnessing the victims performing to an empty crowd and the fake Saffron (Derella) stealing the human energy, Derella partially revealed her true Youma form to Usagi. A frightened Usagi initially retreated to transform into Sailor Moon and confronted Derella who was now in her full Youma form.

Derella would attack Sailor Moon with the same blue webbing substance. Derella initially succeeds in attacking her, encasing her into an ice cocoon, but is rescued by Tuxedo Mask who frees her from her cocoon. Derella pursues Tuxedo Mask only to be destroyed by Sailor Moon’s Moon Tiara.