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As my queen wishes it.
~ Deren.

Deren was an anti-villain in the canon Star Wars novel Master & Apprentice.

He was the Captain of the Royal Guard on the inner rim world of Pijal, sworn to serve and protect Princess Fanry. He took his oath very seriously, to the point that the Jedi Rael Averross - who was appointed to serve as regent until Fanry was old enough to be crowned queen - could not recall at time when Deren was out of uniform nor knew if he had any interests outside his work.

As Fanry got closer to the age of 14, which was the age when she was to be crowned Queen, she became increasingly resentful of the influence Czerka Corporation had in the system. Fanry also hated the fact that she would not have the absolute power she craved as Pijal was to transition from an absolute to a constitutional monarchy. Fanry created a covert unit to carry out a series of bombings and other terrorist acts, and helped pin the attacks on performance artists living on Pijal's moon who were opposed to Czerka corporation and the government's plans. Due to his oath, Deren felt obligated to support Fanry as she planned a coup of the Pijal government on the day of her coronation, even though he wanted nothing to do with Fanry's Blackguards. The attacks had the unintended effect of causing Averross to reach out to the Jedi Order for assistance, who sent Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi to represent the Republic. Qui-Gon realized the government reform would give Czerka virtual control of Pijal. Through a Force vision he also realized there would be some sort of violence at the act. He refused to sign a treaty between the Republic and Pijal. In response, the Jedi Council designated Obi-Wan to act as the Republic's representative. Before the ceremony, someone sabotaged Obi-Wan's lightsaber by replacing the crystal with a kohlen crystal.

At the coronation ceremony Fanry stabbed the Skykeeper, then ordered Deren to activate kohlen crystal based shields that were resistant to lightsaber strikes. Fanry announced she was not signing the treaty, and that she was taking absolute power in the system. She then ordered Deren to kill the Czerka supervisor Meritt Col. Deren shot at her and both he and Fanry believed he killed Col, but only singed Col's expensive supervisor formal-wear. Fanry then ordered him to kill Obi-Wan Kenobi for agreeing to sign the treaty. Deren raised his blaster to shoot Obi-Wan, who ignited his lightsaber. But instead of the normal blue color the blade was orange. Even though he didn't think the lightsaber would cut through, his blade passed through Deren's shield and seriously wounded the man.

Fanry's supporters turned against her when they realized the only thing she really cared about was her own power, and that she would murder innocent people to achieve her goals. When the Pijali learned what happened, they largely turned against their new queen, who was forced to abdicate in favor of her cousin. Fanry's cousin signed a much more equitable treaty with the Republic and dissolved the monarchy in favor of a democracy.

Deren was questioned by the new Pijali government. They learned that Deren was opposed to the Blackguards and what Fanry tried to accomplish, but felt duty bound to support her. Meanwhile Fanry was confined to a royal palace, and asked to see Deren to apologize for forcing him to choose his queen over his fellow Pijali.