Derrick McReary is a character from Grand Theft Auto IV.


Derrick McReary is the oldest son of Mark and Maureen McReary. He is the older brother of Francis McReary, Gerald McReary, Patrick McReary, and Kate McReary. He born 1956 in Liberty City. In 2008, he returned from Ireland and was snorting cocaine with Patrick, Gerald, and their mob buddy, Michael Keane. He also robbed a bank alongside Niko Bellic and Packie in which Michael was killed and he escaped with them. After Niko ran errands for Packie, Gerry, and Frankie, Packie decided to give Niko a new contact to “complete the set”. Derrick had Niko protect a North Korean mobster named Kim Young-Guk from attackers when he was being attacked for carrying counterfeit cash. Derrick also had Niko kill his ex-friends from the IRA named Bucky Sligo and Aidan O’Malley.


Francis is upset with Niko for hanging out with Derrick so he orders Niko to kill him. However, Niko is hesitant. In this mission, you are given the choice to kill either Derrick or Francis. Even if Francis is killed, Derrick will be confirmed dead somewhere between 2008 and 2013 from either drug or alcohol overdose.


  • Even if the player chooses to kill Francis instead of Derrick, he will still die as he is confirmed dead by Packie in Grand Theft Auto V.
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