Desak, also known as Desak the God-Slayer, is a Marvel villain who faced off against Thor and was a vengeful member of an alien race who sought to exterminate all pantheons, seeing them as evil due to the hardships, he and his people faced at the hands of a malevolent deity.


Desak came from an unknown world that worshiped a god called Kronnitt who demanded Desak's daughter as a sacrifice - as she was sacrificed an apparition appeared to Desak and offered him a gem though he refused at first, believing he was suffering a hallucination. However after Kronnit punishes Desak's people despite their sacrifice the apparition appeared to Desal again an he accepted the offer. Empowered by the gem and gaining a collection of large weapons (axe, sword, dagger and shield) Desak began traveling from world to world slaying the many pantheons of gods in existence, convinced of their evil due to the way Kronnitt had treated his people. During his hunt for two gods known as Pennsu and Tae Desak encountered Thor, Beta Ray Bill and Hercules - who opposed him but were soon distracted when Pennsu and Tae attempt to destroy their own worshipers, Desak took the opportunity and killed the two evil deities - he then had a brief encounter with Thor again (non-physical) and left the scene. Desak would proceed to slaughter the Dark Gods, ancient enemies of Asgrad, leaving only Perrikus and Adva alive (since they fled) - Desak would then be contacted by Zarrko the Tomorrow Man with a warning about Thor - who is was now Lord of Asgard following the apparent death of Odin, after a brief fight with Grey Gargoyle Desak fought and almost killed Thor but was defeated when Thialfi gave Thor a powerful weapon known as the Bloodaxe, which Thor proceeded to use to seemingly kill Desak. However, unknown to Thor, the apparition that granted Desak his power had rescued him from death and kept him in hiding as he recovered - Desak would return many years later when a seemingly mad Thor had conquered the Earth and proceeded to kill many of Thor's closest friends in the Asgardian pantheon. It was then revealed that the apparition that was powering Desak was none other than Tarene, who had traveled back in time to try and stop these events from occurring - Desak then merged with the powerful Asgardian super-weapon known as the Destroyer but was decapitated by Thor, who had regained his senses and realized the errors of his previous actions.