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Deserboss is a mummified Sadida and recurring antagonists in season one of Wakfu. Way to cut the grass under the feet of his enemies than to get his allies, in their ranks. Now Nox sends this zombie Sadida to clear the ground. Where Deserboss goes, the flora dies and the Sadidas get angry.


If he is not talkative, Deserboss knows how to perform, appearing and disappearing as he pleases. Here is one that we should not take in the wrong, otherwise we will be planted there, with a blank look and an angry look! And no one is immune: it took a hair so that Evangelyne does not turn herself into a calf.


In Sadida Kingdom then discovers a strange monster named Deserboss who looks like a living dead sadida. This thing took control of several sadidas guards. Obviously, Deserbos forces them to sacrifice their lives to grow strange trees that are actually towers designed to create the giant teleportation gate to bring the fortress of Nox.

Nox could not have cut trees without immediately alerting the Sadidas, that's why he created a Sadida hybrid (Déserboss) and was forced to use teleportation pylons that grow like plants and that creates a lens from their sap.

Evangelyne understands that the grimaceous attack on the border of the realm is only a diversion, intended to remove the guard from the Tree of Life and allow Nox to appear just ahead without any resistance. Can not hide his joy at seeing that he is back. She tells him that they have "still an account to settle," but the tone is not there because she says it without anger, with an unusual sweetness in her voice. Sadlygroove then presents him with sincere apologies for his attitude and the destruction of his bow. But Deserbos does not expect to wait until Tristepin and Evangelyne have ended their reunion. Despite the injuries he suffered Groovy, he is still offensive.

Yugo and Adamaï are happy to meet their friends, but they were too confident and underestimated the resistance of Déserbos. The latter takes advantage of the fact that they no longer pay attention to him to attack them. Fortunately, Amalia who had just arrived, launched a very powerful attack that flattens the monster with a giant sadida doll. 

Deserboss and evangelyne.png

Finally, it is Evangelyne's cries of pain that will drive Amalia out of her prostration. Despite her condition, she realized that Evangelyne is trapped in one of the puppets and her life is threatened. That's when unexpected help comes to her. He established a telepathic contact between Amalia and the Tree of Life. The latter will lend her strength by temporarily merging with her. This union puts Amalia in a second state and allows her to create roots so powerful that they easily spray the three remaining puppets.


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