Desertrians (デザトリアン) are regular monsters in Heartcatch Pretty Cure!, serving the Desert Apostles.

Unlike the previous seasons, a Desertrian originates from a person's wiltering Heart Flower, and, by possessing an object, converts the owner of the Heart Flower's frustration and distress into power. It has been stated that the more flowers of the Heart Flower that have wilted, the more powerful the Desertrian becomes, and a Desertrian with just a color-changed Heart Flower is weaker than those whose Heart Flower is wilting. It has so far not been proved if a Desertrian can possess living objects. Similar to the Kowaina from Yes! Pretty Cure 5, a Desertrian can create its own limbs.Unlike the other monsters from previous seasons, Desertrians can speak properly and they never just say their name.

With the power of a Dark Bracelet, the summoner of the Desertrian can fuse with that monster and can accelerate the wilting of the Heart Flower to enhance the Desertrian. All Desertrians are voiced by Kaneda Tomoko.


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