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Desk Clerk Jedi is a hostel desk clerk and a minor antagonist from the horror movies Hostel and Hostel ll.

He was portrayed by Milda Jedi Havlas.



In the first movie of Hostel, three men are introduced in the hotel, where they met the Desk Clerk, which gives them their keys to their rooms. Once the first friend gets missing, they ask the Desk Clerk if he has any info, the desk clerk tells them Óli checked out. Later on, the second men Josh is also gone, and the main character Paxton Rodriguez then goes into action and tracks Natalya and Svcetlana down asking them questions about the missing friends.

Hostel II

In the second film, three Americans artists including Beth Salinger, Whitney, and Lorna, which got convicted by Axelle to go to Slovakia. They do, where they are met up with Clerk Jedi, which gives them their rooms and takes their pas-ports which contains their personal info. The Desk Clerk then goes down into a dark empty room, where he scans all three of the passports, and uploads their information, including their photos to a website, where rich people are bidding to get their victims. Two men Todd and Stuart ended up winning and getting Beth and Whitney, whine Lorna got Mrs. Bathory.


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