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I have failed you again, my grace. How may I redeem myself?
~ Desmond.
You, cobbler. We don't need you today.
~ Desmond to Derek.

Desmond is a major antagonist in the 2006 direct-to-DVD animated Barbie film, Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses. He’s a servant of Duchess Rowena.

He was voiced by Gary Chalk.


Desmond riding carriage with Rowena and her pet monkey, Brutus in when is arrived in the kingdom to greets King Randolph and his daughters. He is true loyalty to Rowena by fact his extremely awkward for nothing differed on behaviour instead not as weak as her. Comes into the princesses bedroom whenever, Desmond replacing vase with alarm clock and Rowena was watching the princesses are on the bed to sleeping. Even through as the princesses reaching to magical world to dance as well as back to castle's dining room to sleeps. Then, Desmond and Rowena heads to dining room in their trying wakes the princesses. Desmond pick up the chair to smash into floor at leads them scaring.

What's happening is Randolph is becomes ill with unhealthy because Rowena, who attempted poisoning him in her circumstances to taking over his kingdom for the way. No more than is the princesses are not in bedroom with saw the magic stones is not light, Desmond often doings something by about his reverse to helps his mistress finds them. Heads to magic world twice, Genevieve and the princesses dancing once again in returns to the kingdom had forcing to cleaning up, locked into their bedroom by Rowena. Desmond pleasing for aid his mistress and is mocked by Brutus. Although he knew that Brutus was not ingenious. Desmond also very hates Brutus in too much, so not Rowena.

When the princesses arrived in magical world three times, Derek, the shoemaker who goes to the bedroom had jumping into magic stones and transporting to magical world in his mets to dancing with Genevieve and the princesses. With helps of Rowena from her instructions, Desmond tries to destroyed the stones it forasmuch leads a prince and princesses trapping into magical kingdom before gateway and vessel were gone. Always about it Rowena is courts as a queen, poisoned the king and rules the kingdom. There, Derek and the princesses returns to the kingdom from magic realm while saved Randolph from the duchess. They were wondering if they knew Rowena was really embarrassed.

First on way, they are eventually takes down Rowena's guards and enters the castle. In palace, Desmond stands the bedroom's door if Rowena offers a poisoning tea to her cousin. He is being called by Genevieve by where comes to pursue her, at ended up tripped by Derek with then locking into old room. Until later, Desmond was about to leaves the old room and returns to the king's bedroom. Derek's pet, Felix plans to works with Genevieve's pet kitten, Twyla to stop him. Unfortunately, he is making abused by the mischievous Brutus. Lacey, the princesses's youngest sister who trying to saving their father found its caught by Desmond.

Brutus pull off Felix's wings and was caught in the mouse trap used by Twyla, croaking in pain and escaped. Formally, Desmond taking Lacey into the bedroom by meets the unconscious Randolph, and Genevieve, who joins Derek to helping against Rowena. He saw Rowena use gold pollen to force Genevieve to dance forever. Genevieve used her fan to protect herself and blowing to Rowena with magic, Desmond is shocking to watching his mistress dancing by isn't stop, and helps her gets out as he also trapped by a spell of pollen, be danced with her. The princesses saved the king immediately and Desmond and Rowena left the kingdom as they were all dancing repeatedly, couldn’t stop at all.



  • Duchess Rowena
  • Mr. Fabian (formerly)
  • Brutus


  • Princess Genevieve
  • Prince Derek
  • King Randolph
  • Twyla
  • Felix
  • Mr. Fabian
  • Princess Ashlyn
  • Princess Blair
  • Princess Courtney
  • Princess Delia
  • Princess Edeline
  • Princess Fallon
  • Princess Hadley
  • Princess Isla
  • Princess Janessa
  • Princess Kathleen
  • Princess Lacey


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