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Destiny Gang.

The Destiny Gang are the central antagonists of the two parter special of Adventure Time season 5, Finn the Human and Jake the Dog. They are a ruthless gangs who terrorized innocent villagers, especially the Mertens family which include Finn himself in order to get several payments from them while threatening to burn the village lest they can't afford it.


Most of the Destiny Gang members are wearing a rather interesting outfit that almost came from circus with surreal colors in order to mimic their leader, Big Destiny, who wore like a crazy person wearing the avant garde clothes with a torn fabric that shows both of his biceps and midriff, a golden beaded necklace, short black gloves, a green underwear, triangular sunglasses, green and pink socks and pink sneakers while having a long carrot-orange hair to compliment his eccentric appearance.

The other famous Destiny Gang members are Tromo and Trami. Tromo is a man with a long black hair with a scar on his left eye almost like Prince Zuko's scar while wearing a brown torn coat and green pants with zigzag patterns while Trami himself is a man with pink skin and hair while wearing a pickpocket mask. Several unnamed gangs also wore several interesting outfit such as the person with blue hear only wearing shades and green lifeboat vest and another member who only wear light brown vest, a bandana, pink stockings and brown boots.


Most of the gang members can be described as a crazy and sadistic highschool bullies or at the very least, the landlords who threatened other innocent people especially the villagers so that they could reap their fortune. This was shown as they threaten and harassed the Mertens family because they didn't pay to Big Destiny yet or taking the crown Finn was trying to sell because of the rule saying "Property of the Old Dead Person Goes To Big Destiny".

It was also shown that they also harassed other villagers as at one point, one of the Destiny Gang members, Tromo, forces an innocent person to clap and cheer on Big Destiny's crazy fashion choice such as putting a crown on his underwear and Tromo's response when the innocent person didn't clap harder is to push the defenseless person. Their harassment towards the lower class culminated as they burn the entire village including Finn's house out of spite because Finn opposes the Destiny Gang just to get the crown back.

Big Destiny (boss of the gang).


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