Destrade is a villainous mercenary recruited into the Rebel Army and one of the playable characters in Metal Slug Attack. She serves as a member of the "Allen Platoon" under Allen O' Neil.


Extra Ops

No Limit

Destrade was sent into battle to battle the Ptolemaic Army. Hearing that Allen O'Neil has been seriously injured by the Ptolemaic Army's Augensterm, Destrade believes that he was killed and sets out to avenge him by killing the Ptolemaic commander Caroline.

Destrade defeats Caroline but before she can finish her, Yoshino appears and blocks her before retreating with Caroline. evacuates her comrade. Allen then reappears and assures Destrade that he is the Immortal Devil Sergeant and that impalement and electrocution isn't enough to bring him down. Destrade then gives Allen a bearhug, which does far more to injure him than the Augensterm ever did.

Another Story

Why We Fight

During a Regular attack spearheaded by Tyra Elson to obtain the "Iron Nokana MK2", Destrade attempts to attack Tyra but is blocked by the Slug Gunner piloted by Tarma. Destrade engages Tarma in a fierce battle and is defeated by him.

False Peace

Introduced to Huracan, Destrade fights her to test whether she is qualified for the Allen Platoon. After both find themselves unable to defeat each other, Destrade becomes impressed with Huracan despite her small size.

Destrade and the Allen platoon then travel to a remote island to investigate rumors of a tribe being capable of controlling monsters and secure the Huge Hermit. After capturing the Huge Hermit and heading out, Destrade asks Huracan why she joined the Rebel Army, but Huracan does not answer.

Destrade later assists Navy in fighting off the Huge Hermit when it tries to attack her. After slamming it on a wall, Huracan asks her if she is a mutant.

Scrap Memory

When the Ptolemaics attack a Rebel base to obtain the "Sergeant Drill". Destrade tries to attack Caroline instead but is stopped by Yoshino and fights her instead.

My Hero

Destrade and Huracan are sent to capture equipment from the Regular Army's Metal Device Project laboratory. They find the equipment on Ami and attempt to capture her, but she manages to escape.

Sometime later, Destrade fights Perche and fakes a retreat. Destrade, Huracan and Allen O'Neil then unleash the Hodumi+ on the Regular Army, but after a fierce battle it is destroyed and Huracan is injured.


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