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Chikara Yotsubashi, infamously known by his alias Destro, is a minor antagonist from the manga/anime series, My Hero Academia. He was the founder and leader of the Meta Liberation Army and is regarded as one of Japan's greatest villains in history. His legacy would later be carried on to his son, Rikiya Yotsubashi.


During his time as the grand commander of the Meta Liberation Army, Destro was depicted as a fair-skin man with his hair tied up in a ponytail. He wore what appears to be a red handkerchief around his neck and a green jacket with a symbol of an animal on it (likely a mouse or a rat). He was also depicted with a blotch of black spots around his face in the form of the mask, likely in reference to his son's Quirk.


Not much is known about Destro, but based on the foundation and legacy of the Meta Liberation Army, he was one of the few individuals that opposed the established law of Quirks in society, in which only officially licensed heroes are allowed to use their Quirks freely, so long as it's for good purposes. Destro viewed this as society being restricted and limited. He believed that using Quirks was a basic human right and that everyone should be allowed to use their Quirks freely as they please.



Chikara alongside his mother.

Most of Chikara's history remains relatively unknown but what is given about him is that he was born and raised by his only known parent, his mother. As he spent his life over the years, Chikara was treated like an outcast among his peers, due to the nature of his Quirk. His mother was murdered at some point, due to the support she was giving her son, regarding his unique Quirk. The death of his mother was the beginning of Chikara's villainous career.

As Quirks began to continuously pop up around Japan, the government officially issued a system where they began to regulate the usage of Quirks. Those that were officially licensed were allowed to use Quirks. Chikara was against this law, however, believing everyone has the right to use their Quirks freely for whatever purpose they have in mind. In order to abolish this law, Chikara began to found the Meta Liberation Army and took on the name, Destro.

Over the years, Destro led his army opposing the regulated system issued by the government and continued to spread his ideology among many. As a result, he gained many followers by his side. Despite this, he was eventually defeated and was imprisoned for opposing the law. During this time in prison, he spent his remaining lives writing a biographical book titled the Meta Liberation War, which explored more in detail about his ideologies. Once he managed to get his book published, he committed suicide in prison.


Even in death, Destro's ideologies continued to be passed on to the public.

Despite his death, Destro continued to serve as an inspiration among many. He is regarded as one of the most infamous villains in Japan's history, being compared to the likes of All For One and the Peerless Thief.

Unknown to the public, Destro actually had a son named Rikiya and his son would be raised to continue his father's legacy, adapting the name Re-Destro. His book also continued to be published and sold well among those that were attracted to his ideologies. Combined with this, the Meta Liberation Army grew once more in power under the command of Re-Destro. However, following the battle between the Meta Liberation Army and the League of Villains, the two organizations united as one into the Paranormal Liberation Front.

Powers and Abilities


  • Unnamed Quirk: Destro's Quirk remains unknown, but according to his son, his Quirk was something considered special to his mother, but at the same time, was viewed with disdain to others and caused him to be treated harshly among others. It is likely that his Quirk is similar to his son's, given the black spots around his face.


  • Leadership: Destro was not only the founder of the Meta Liberation Army but was also its grand commander and over the years, he gained many followers under his command and inspired many.


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