Terrorism, poison gas, biological weapons, human alteration, brainwashing... Adoring every and all dark sciences they waved violence through the world, the secret organization Destron.
~ Kamen Rider Spirit's description of Destron

Destron, alternatively spelled Deathtron, is the main antagonistic faction of Kamen Rider V3. It is an international organization formed from the remnants of Shocker that is bent on conquering the world through terror and destruction.


Kamen Rider V3

Destron was formed under the guidance of the mysterious Great Leader by surviving members of Gel-Shocker. Although Destron had branches in every country and sought to dominate the entire planet, they stationed their main headquarters in Japan, with Japan bring Destron's primary target. Initially the Inhumanoids of the Mechanical Army followed the orders of the unseen High Destron without any direct supervision, but after the repeated failures of the kaijin, the High Destron summoned Doktor G from Destron's German Division to take charge of the day to day operations of Destron's Japanese Division.

Later History

Badan Empire

Razor Sea Star of Destron was one of several monsters who were revived to serve the Badan Empire led by the Great Leader, now known as the Generalissimo of Badan. Razor Sea Star was one of several monsters destroyed by Badan's own Space-time Fracture System.


Along with the Shocker Combatmen, known as the Dai-Shocker Combatmen, the Destron Combatmen served as henchmen of Dai-Shocker. They were part of the Dai-Shocker army that was wiped out by a gathering of 25 Kamen Riders, Kamen Rider Decade: All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker as well as the revived Dai-Shocker assembled by Decade to wipe out the Super Sentai, ensuring the survival of the Kamen Riders. After Dai-Shocker's alliance with Dai-Zangyack was revealed, both organizations were wiped out by a gathering of Kamen Riders and Super Sentai.



Guest Members


Destron Inhumanoids

Destron's Inhumnoids are sorted into different groups: The Mechanical Army, the Fang Tribe, the Wing Unit, and the Armored Division.

Mechanical Army

This is the Destron Group first used by the Great Leader and later led by Doktor G. Doktor G creates the monsters under his command using black magic and technological science:

Revived Shocker Kaijin

Quoit Stag beetle was assisted by revived Shocker monsters.

Fang Tribe

This is the Destron group led by Baron Fang. Its members were cultists practicing an evil magic called Doovoo (not to be confused with Voodoo magic):

Wing Unit

This is the Destron group led by Archbishop Wing. The Wing Unit is an ancient cult of vampires:

Armored Division

Revived Destron Kaijin

Marshal Armor used several reconstructed Kaijin to ambush V3 in the Destron headquarters. They were easily defeated, but V3 ran into a dangerous trap right afterwards.

Destron Kaijin (Kamen Rider V3 versus Destron Kaijin)

Kamen Rider The First/The Next

In the movie continuity of Kamen Rider The First, Destron is replaced by Shocker as the origin of V3. Scissors Jaguar and Electric-Saw Lizard are both re-imagined as Shocker's agents and their names was renamed in English wordings Scissors Jaguar and Chainsaw Lizard for the movie in 2007, Kamen Rider The Next.



  • They share their name with the Japanese name of the Decepticons from the Transformers series.


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