Destron Inhumanoids are mutant cyborgs engineered by the Destron organization from a combination of animal DNA and a specific weapon or other object. They battle Kamen Rider V3 in the 1973 Tokusatsu TV series Kamen Rider V3.


The Destron Inhumanoids come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but most are a fusion of a different animal and an object, often times a deadly weapon. They are all capable of imitating the forms of humans for purposes such as espionage or to lure others into a trap. Because of their cybernetic enhancements, Destron Inhumanoids all possess strength and agility that is much higher than that of an average human, even while assuming human guises. The Inhumanoids also all have unique abilities based off the animal and/or object they are themed after.

The Destron Inhumanoids were all sorted into different divisions based on their specific theming. The Mechanical Army comprises Inhumanoids that are created from a combination of advanced technology and black magic, the Fang Tribe Inhumanoids all practiced a form of evil magic called "Doovoo", the Wing Unit were all vampiric in nature and the Armored Division were all incredibly strong and durable thanks to their special armor.


After both Shiro Kazami and Junko Tama stumbled onto evidence of Destron's existence, Scissors Jaguar and Turtle Bazooka of the Mechanical Army were sent to eliminate them. Scissors Jaguar murdered the Kazami family except for Shiro, who escaped along with Junko. Shiro would later get his revenge against Scissors Jaguar after he was transformed into Kamen Rider V3 and destroyed the evil kaijin, while Turtle Bazooka was defeated by the Double Riders.

Initially, the kaijin of the Mechanical Army operated independently, but after their numerous failures Doktor G was called in to take command of them. After Doktor G's demise, the Mechanical Army was replaced by the Fang Tribe led by Baron Fang.

Destron Inhumanoids

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