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Destructor is a minor antagonist in Wander Over Yonder. He is a tyrant who ruled his kingdom with an iron fist until were redeemed by Wander and Sylvia, who returned to him a sock who resulted be his childhood friend.


Destructor is an pale-ish blue alien with red and green eyes, black armor, and a flaming head.

Before he turned bad, he was pink, with blue eyes and golden armor with a halo on top of his head.


Destructor was a prince of a planet who turned to the dark side when his father, the king, took his sock from him as a toddler, which at the time was his only friend. This made Destructor become a truly evil and tyrannical ruler who made his people miserable, tortured/executed anyone over any reason, and he even locked away his own father.

When Wander and Sylvia finds his old sock years later and find inside owner's address, they go to Destructor's kingdom and evade his guards. Finally, they find Destructor but,before Wander could ask if the socks is his, he orders them to be executed.

Wander and Sylvia ends tied to a chain-linked rope dangling over a huge cauldron of boiling oil and, while the executioner lowers the crank. Wander, aching for failure, tries to get rid of the sock and drops the it into the cauldron, but Sylvia, convinced that it actually matters to her friend, catches it with her tail before it went into the liquid and throws it to Destructor, asking if it belongs to him. Destructor recognizes his old friend and is redeemed.


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