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Joseph: [being forced to question his morals] I don't understand.
Pinhead: Ah, the eternal refrain of humanity. Pleading ignorance, begging for mercy. "Please, help me. I don't understand."
~ Joseph to Pinhead.

Detective Joseph Thorne is the main protagonist villain of Hellraiser: Inferno. He was a corrupt police officer, who was a bully in high school.

He was portrayed by Craig Sheffer in his first villainous role.



Not much known to Joseph Thorne, he disregarded his parents.


Joseph went to high school along with Jay Cho who was odd and silent. While Jay tried out the basketball team, Joseph and his friends tortured the "sh*t" out of Jay, thus giving him hell.

Job as a detective

Detective Thorne committed many crimes (such as consuming drugs and framing the other cops).

Thorne, his partner Tony, and the other officers investigate the home of Jay Cho, who is killed after solving the Lament Configuration.

Thorne cheats on his wife, Melanie, with a prostitute named Daphne. Thorne then solves the Lament Configuration and seemingly has a dream with Wire Twins before being torn apart by Pinhead and waking up in the motel room. When Thorne goes to work, Daphne calls him on the phone when she is being attacked by The Engineer. Thorne later sees Daphne dead in the bathroom, but even finds his snitch Bernie, his parents, his partner Tony, and his wife Melanie and daughter Chloe killed.

Death and damnation

During his confrontation with The Engineer, Thorne tries to shoot him, but he gets his hand hooked by a chain from Pinhead, who then informs him that he (Thorne) is in Hell since he solved the Lament Configuration and that he would be damned forever. The Engineer then reveals himself to be the manifestation of Thorne's cruelty, and he slits the throat of a younger version of Thorne. Pinhead then skins Thorne's head, killing him in the process.

Thorne wakes up in the motel room again, and thinks the whole thing a dream, but when he goes to work, he realizes he is still in Hell, then he shoots himself while his partner Tony and another officer look on in shock. Thorne wakes up in the motel room once more and yells, "No!" upon realizing his damnation and that he is doomed to repeat this moment and face his demons for eternity.


  • Joseph Thorne is the first villain in the Hellraiser franchise to be a protagonist, followed by Trevor Gooden.


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