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I will show you the meaning of power!
~ Deus

Deus is the central antagonist of the video game Asura's Wrath. He is the God of Lightning, the King of the Gods, and the leader of the Seven Deities.

He was voiced by Masashi Ebara in the Japanese version and  the late David Pizzuto in the English version.


Deus was once the Commander of the Eight Guardian Generals and led the Shinkoku army in battles against the Gohma. He and the other Guardian Generals protected the Emperor of Shinkoku and Gaea from the Gohma threat for eons. At some point in the past, he warned the Emperor of the power of the Gohma and their eventual return and that preemptive measures must be put in place, but the Emperor saw peace for his people the only option.

After they once again defeated the Gohma, Deus murdered Emperor Strada and let it appear like Asura killed him. After this, Asura was branded a traitor, his wife Durga was killed,  and his daughter Mithra was kidnapped to trigger Deus' master plan: "The Great Rebirth". Enraged at the murder of his beloved wife and the betrayal of his comrades, Asura faced Deus, but he was no match for him. Deus promptly banished Asura to Earth to keep him from interfering with his plans to create a new world.


Deus was a prideful and arrogant demigod commander who was also ruthless and hungry for power and control. He was an extremist who believed that a good end justified the means no matter how terrible the means were and harbored a severe God Complex and Messiah Complex. To this end, he desired to stop the eternal conflict between the Demigods and the Gohma and fight against fate, as he stated: "That is the duty of a god". He also despised the Gohma and was willing to destroy countless innocents in order to eradicate them permanently and had planned to create a new world and shape an ideal utopia in his own image

However, despite this dark side of his, Deus was once an honorable Demigod who truly wished to save the world, but his delusional pride and extremist views made him drunk with power, corrupting his judgement and leading him to orchestrate heinous actions. Although Deus had the Emperor of Shinkoku Trastium murdered, he had tried to get the Emperor to listen to him and only decided to remove him because the Emperor was too complacent with the fate of the demigods and temporary peace, showing at least in the early days, he would have been fine with remaining a warrior had the Emperor agreed to include his suggestions. He was also righteous as he refused to only sit on a throne and rule while having the others carry out his goal, preferring to continue to be a warrior even while sitting on his throne. For all his willingness to use innocent souls for power, Deus wasn't devoid of remorse over it, as he was enraged when Yasha commented on the possibility that Deus wanted power and slaughtered them to do it, and he did value the mantra energy caused by their sacrifice, agreeing with Yasha that it is more important than taking out Asura and berating and punishing Olga for her attempt to use the Brahmastra to defeat Asura. Due to his warrior mindset, Deus and Yasha had the closest relationship, with Deus having trained Yasha and constantly comforting him over his guilt of having to do what must be done. Even after Yasha betrayed him, it was indicated that Deus didn't want to kill him, as he offered Yasha a chance to remember the cause and join him once more.

Powers and Abilities

Being the leader of the Seven Deities, Deus is the strongest and most skilled of them all, with all of them acknowledging his superiority, even Augus, who had to draw his sword against him and still could not defeat a holding-back Deus.

  • Combat Prowess: Having been the commander of the Eight Guardian Generals and the leader and strongest of the Seven Deities, thus being considered the most skilled Demigod, Deus is an extremely proficient combatant. He has proven to be extremely skilled in hand-to-hand combat, having trained Yasha in martial arts and being capable of easily matching and overpowering Asura and Yasha bare-handed, along with also being highly skilled in using his nunchaku, known as Sakra, in conjuction with his lightning abilities, as he was able to use them to fight Augus wielding his sword to a draw and gain the upper hand on both Asura and Yasha during his fights.
  • God-like Physical Prowess: Being the strongest Demigod of the time, Deus wielded extraordinary physical power, showing godly levels of superhuman strength, speed and durability that allowed him to easily overpower Asura in their first fight and could even casually rip himself free from Six-Armed Vajra Asura's chokehold and blow him through a wall with a single kick as well as casually outmaneuver Yasha and punch him through the door of his throne room. He was also able to withstand their attacks without any injury and even after receiving a massive mantra burst from Asura, which ultimately defeated him, Deus managed to remain conscious for a considerable amount of time, before finally dying.
  • Lightning Mastery: Deus possesses great mastery over lightning and electricity, which he can manipulate freely as he pleases and use to call down tremendous lightning strikes of diversified manner, intensity and shape through sheer will alone. Deus could also use his skill over lightning to teleport. He could incapacitate enemies using electricity and bring forth powerful torrents of lightning to attack on multiple sides. Deus could also use telekinesis, and telekinetically lift individuals while electrocuting them simultaneously. His thunderous attacks were powerful enough to critically damage and knockout Asura during the betrayal of the Seven Deities, and later on incapacitate both him and Yasha. While using his nunchaku, Sakra, Deus was able to shoot electric projectiles from its tip.
  • Telepathy: Deus has displayed the ability to create illusions on his target's mind, as seen when he used it against Asura to prevent him from attacking him by creating an illusion of Mithra in his mind.
  • Sakra Devanam Indra Deus: Deus was able to merge with Karma Fortress to become Sakra Devanam Indra Deus, which not only gave him complete control over the Karma Fortress and all the mantra stored inside of the fortress, but also enhanced his power to insurmountable levels, as he could also use Mithra as a source to increase and heal his vitality and power. According to Olga, Sakra Devanam Indra Deus was the most powerful being in existence. While manipulating the Karma Fortress, he could freely fire it's beams and focus it with immense precision and have it perform a massively powerful clap. In his demigod form, Deus was able to form a mask of light around his face that greatly increased his durability.
  • Intellectual Genius/Master Leader/Master Strategist/Master Deceiver/Master Manipulator: In addition to his formidable fighting prowess and powers, Deus was also extremely intelligent. He was an exceptional leader and strategist, having been the leader of the entire Shinkoku Force as the Commander of the Eight Guardian Generals with notable successes in leading the armies into battle against the Gohma and was able to create an extremely sophisticated plan to successfully murder the Emperor and take over by expertly framing Asura for it and convincing everyone that it was the truth and getting the other Generals to join his side. Over the centuries, he was able to defend Gaea from the Gohma, leading the Seven Deities and the army as a whole and inspiring complete loyalty in them.



  • Deus' Mantra Affinity is Pride.
  • Deus is Latin for "god" or "deity".
    • Deus translates to "God" in Sanskrit.
    • In classical Latin it was a general noun referring to any divine figure, and later in late Latin, it came to be used mostly of the Christian God.
    • Deus' name is ultimately derived from Dyas Piter, the Indo-European sky deity that is the prototype for lightning-wielding celestial king gods from Indra to Odin to Zeus. The Greek word for God is "theos, which became Deus in Latin.
  • Deus, being the God King of the Seven Deities and having vast control of over Thunder/Lightning, could have been inspired by the famous Hindu Mythological deity, Indra, due to his dark complexion, forehead piece, and pattern of marks on his body. The fact Indra was a god of thunder and lightning in Hinduism emphasizes Deus' connection.


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