800px-Devcon (dotm)

Devcon's artwork alongside his unused alt-mode.

Devcon is a supporting antagonist of the 2011 film Transformers: Dark of the Moon. He is a giant quadruped Decepticon.


Devcon is among the few Decepticons who was stationed in the moon, until Sentinel Prime activated the space pillars to create a space bridge. Receiving a call from Megatron, he joins the other Decepticons invade Washington D.C., which forced the Autobots to retreat. He was last seen again during the Battle of Chicago, participating an initial strike & contributed into the mayhem. During the Autobots' attack on the Decepticon stronghold, he was among the few who fires down the retreating Autobots. When the Autobots then gained control of winning the fight, the gigantic Decepticon tried to hold a bridge, only to meet his death at the hands of the Wreckers, who shoots him on the head, killing him.


  • Devcon's appearance is loosely based from the monster from the film Cloverfield.
  • Despite he did not transform, his working artwork design shows he transforms into a "Russian missile launcher".
  • Outside the film series, Devcon is an Autobot bounty hunter and Wrecker who had a turret on his head and is known for his friendship with Smokescreen.
    • Ironic though, he is killed by the live-action incarnation of the Wreckers.
    • Like his G1 namesake, he also has guns. The only difference is that they are not on his head.


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