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We are each our own Devil, and we make this world our Hell.
~ Oscar Wilde in The Duchess of Padua, a line used for Immortal Hulk #9 to describe Devil Hulk.
...He needed a dad. Or something... something like a dad. Like a dad who loved him. But he didn't know what love was. I can't be out in the day. I don't come out unless I have to. Unless somebody hurts him. And then, I take it personal.
~ The Devil Hulk on Bruce Banner to Doc Samson in Immortal Hulk #15.
You've opened the door to me, Bruce. A crack of light on my face that I never had before. Did you imagine I'd ever let you close it on me? We're going to be gods in this world that has rejected and feared you for so long. We're going to tear it into a billion pieces. I'm your inevitable conclusion. I'm the ultimate you. I'm the Devil.
~ The Devil Hulk's speech to Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction as he begins to gain control.

Devil Hulk is an alter-ego of Bruce Banner, better known to the world as the Hulk in the Marvel universe. Unlike the mainstream Hulk, who although brutish, is also capable of acts of kindness and heroism, Devil Hulk is pure malevolence and embodies all of the Hulk's rage at being neglected and abused by the world.

He serves as one of two main antagonists and protagonists of the 2000 The Incredible Hulk run and the Immortal Hulk series, as well as the video game The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction.


Devil Hulk is one of the largest alter-egos of the Hulk, although he is still slightly smaller than most depictions of the Hulk's second inner-antagonist, known as Guilt Hulk. The Devil Hulk is depicted as a large and frightening creature of destructive intent, for now the Hulk has found ways to keep this monster from taking over his mind, but for how long such a victory can last, given the tragedies that befall Hulk on a daily basis, is a question no one can answer. Perhaps not even the strength of the Hulk is enough to keep the beast within from finally breaking free.


A close-up of the Devil Hulk's face in his first appearance.

Unlike most other Hulks and similar to the Guilt Hulk, the Devil Hulk possesses a reptilian, almost snake-like, appearance (fittingly, he debuts in the "Snake Eyes" story). He has slit pupils, a slender forked tongue and a brown/copper-like scaly body. He becomes thinner in consequent appearances and more lizard-like, with the addition of hair, or tendrils on his head. In the Immortal Hulk series he returns to a design closer to his original appearance and gains additional spikes portruding from his back.

The Devil Hulk as he appears in the Ultimate Destruction game.

In The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction those reptilian features are accentuated even more, combining elements from his first two designs, being bulky like Hulk but also possessing some lizard-like qualities like a tail. He has enormous jaws and large sharp teeth, as well as prominent claws and scutes.

It should be noted that these are all appearances he takes within Bruce's subconscious, though there have been some implications that if he were to gain full control he would change appearance into his standard designs, much like how the Hulk can transform into his different green or grey states, among others.


I know I scare you. What I do. What I am. I know you locked me away for years. But before any of the others I was there protecting you. I'll always protect you....because I love you, you stupid kid. Someone had to.
~ The Devil Hulk's speech to Banner in Issue #13

Originally, his sole aim was to break free from his (symbolic) chains and take command over the Hulk so as to destroy everything and everyone that has ever hurt Banner, while caring for Bruce and keeping him in a fake illusion of a perfect world within his mind, where he lived happily ever after. In spite of this, he still taunted Bruce in a variety of sickening ways, all likely done in an attempt to make Bruce lose control. In the Immortal Hulk series, Devil Hulk is revealed to have always come off as more innately malevolent than he actually is, as once freed of Banner's own self-loathing, he displays a far more introspective and sometimes compassionate side to his persona, claiming that he was really always an embodiment of what Banner thought a good father should be, corrupted by Banner's own subconscious belief that love innately comes with pain.

He is, however, genuinely misanthropic and looks down on humanity in general, being the primary driver of the more intelligent version of the Hulk's more destructive actions. His goal is still to destroy everything and everyone that hurts Banner.


Devil Hulk's debut upon being freed.

Hey, big guy. I hear you, kid. I love you. I'll always be here for you. He's not your dad. Not a good dad. A dad can't hurt you and be a good dad. Just let me out, okay? Let me out and I'll kill him.
~ The Devil Hulk to a young Bruce Banner.

The Devil Hulk made his first appearance in the 2000 The Incredible Hulk run, specifically Issue #12 as the narrator and Issue #13 as himself. While running from the Guilt Hulk, Banner went deeper into his own subconscious until he found the Devil Hulk, having been chained in the darkness long ago by the Guilt Hulk. It taunted and tried to manipulate Bruce into freeing him and giving him full control.

Thanks to Ryker's experiments on Hulk after capturing him, the Devil Hulk was able to break free in a mental commotion that wiped out most Hulk personas, and eventually the Devil Hulk gained enough control to create a world within the subconscious in which Banner could live happily ever after, while he would proceed to destroy all who threatened or hurt him. The Devil Hulk used this fantasy as an offer, which Bruce refused, defeating the Devil Hulk.

While being restrained by the Savage and Grey Hulks, plus with the Leader's help, Bruce was able to lock away the Devil Hulk, though it was only temporary.

In Immortal Hulk, Devil Hulk returned, manifesting himself as a human-sized entity with a lizard's head when speaking to Banner. He possesses full lips in this form and only shows his teeth with agitated. He becomes the dominant intellect when Banner is in Hulk form, causing him to become far more ruthless, intelligent, and stealthy than the Hulk normally is. It is even said by Bruce at one point that Devil Hulk is subjectively smarter when compared to his normal Bruce Banner intellect.

Other Media

The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

Devil Hulk in The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction.

The Devil Hulk appears in the video game The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction as a boss and major antagonist, arguably the game's main antagonist alongside the Abomination. He's revealed early in the story as an entity manipulating the Hulk's actions to be more destructive which results in a high death toll as Hulk rampages through the city.

He was voiced by Richard Moll.



Hnh. Not sorry enough. You wanted science. You wanted a set of rules. From me. Big mistake. See... science is the other guy. And when you mess with him... I take it personal.
~ The Immortal Hulk consumes Dr. Clive.

The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

Do it, Hulk... Blow them to Smithereens.
~ The Devil Hulk manipulates Hulk via Doc Samson's neural interface, using his voice along with Samson's own.
The building is just a front for all that's wrong with this world. Expose them for the demons they really are.
~ The Devil Hulk continues to manipulate Hulk.
Let's see some fireworks, Bruce!
~ The Devil Hulk motivates Hulk to smash a building.
Bruce... I'm coming for you...
~ The Devil Hulk reveals himself to Bruce.
My darling boy, my Bruce... Don't be afraid. Scientists aren't supposed to fear... evolution.
~ The Devil Hulk subconsciously shows up behind Banner in a mirror, frightening him.
You can't win, Hulk. You're just a frightened child. You're a fractured piece of Bruce's psyche. A little boy crying out to be loved. And you're afraid of me, as you should be, because I'm going to erase you from his mind.
~ The Devil Hulk to Hulk, before their fight begins.
I know thee, I have found thee and I will not let thee go.
~ The Devil Hulk to Hulk.
What I do, I do out of love for you, Child.
~ The Devil Hulk to Bruce.
You ungrateful beast.
~ The Devil Hulk to Hulk.
Sweet boy... Such a good child...
~ The Devil Hulk to Bruce.
Your power is minimal!
~ The Devil Hulk's boast to Hulk.
Don't blame me for the Darkness in your mind!
~ The Devil Hulk's possible reference to the Guilt Hulk or Brian Banner.
Look in the mirror, tell me what you really see.
~ The Devil Hulk to Hulk during their battle.
Hmm! Anger suits you, Bruce!
~ The Devil Hulk taunts Hulk.
The end of your world is nigh.
~ The Devil Hulk's Game Over quote.
What happened? Where did I go wrong with you?
~ The Devil Hulk after being beaten.
No! You're not strong enough! You're just a child! Bruce, please... I only meant to...
~ The Devil Hulk's last words before disappearing forever.


  • A good portion of the 2000 run features him as the narrator, constantly talking about/to Bruce even when he doesn't hear him.
  • Since he appeared shortly after the second appearance of the Guilt Hulk, who Bruce saw as a twisted and monstrous version of his father, many initially speculated that the Devil Hulk was similar, but meant to be seen as a twisted representation of Bruce's mother, especially since both truly care about him and specifically refer to Bruce as their "darling boy" multiple times.
  • References such as the title "Snake Eyes" for his debut story, the mentions of the biblical serpent and dragon or beast are the reason why he's called the Devil Hulk. He could also be seen as an analogue for Bruce's shoulder devil.


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