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My darling boy, my Bruce. Don't be afraid. Scientists aren't supposed to fear evolution.
~ The Devil Hulk right by Dr. Banner's mirror.

Devil Hulk is an alter-ego of Bruce Banner, better known to the world as the Hulk in the Marvel Comics universe. Unlike the mainstream Hulk, who although brutish is also capable of acts of kindness, Devil Hulk is pure malevolence and embodies all of the Hulk's rage at being neglected and abused by the world.

In his original incarnation, the sole aim of Devil Hulk is to break free from his (symbolic) chains and take command over the Hulk so as to destroy everything and everyone that Banner holds dear. However, in the Immortal Hulk series, Devil Hulk is revealed to have always come off as more innately malevolent than he actually is; once freed of Banner's own self-loathing, he displays a far more introspective and sometimes compassionate side to his persona, claiming that he was really always an embodiment of what Banner thought a good father should be, corrupted by Banner's own subconscious belief that love innately comes with pain. He is, however, genuinely misanthropic and looks down on humanity in general, being the primary driver of the more intelligent version of the Hulk's more destructive actions. His goal is to destroy everything and everyone that hurts Banner and to punish murderers.

Devil Hulk as Immortal Hulk


Devil Hulk is one of the largest alter-egoes of the Hulk, although he is still slightly smaller than most depictions of the Hulk's second inner-antagonist, known as Guilt Hulk. Rarely seen Devil Hulk is depicted as a large and frightening creature of destructive intent, for now the Hulk has found ways to keep this monster from taking over his mind, but for how long such a victory can last, given the tragedies that befall Hulk on a daily basis, is a question no one can answer. Perhaps not even the strength of the Hulk is enough to keep the beast within from finally breaking free.

In Immortal Hulk, Devil Hulk manifests as a human-sized entity with a lizard's head when speaking to Banner. He posseses full lips in this form and only shows his teeth with agitated. He becomes the dominant intellect when Banner is in Hulk form, causing him to become far more ruthless, intelligent, and stealthy than the Hulk normally is. It is even said by Bruce at one point that Devil Hulk is subjectively smarter when compared to his normal Bruce Banner intellect.

Other Media

The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

Devil Hulk in The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction.

The Devil Hulk appears in the video game The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction as a boss and major antagonist. He was voiced by Richard Moll.


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