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The Devil Monkey is the Main Antagonist of the Lost Tapes Episode "Devil Monkey". It is an Extremely Violent and Dangerous Cryptid who begins to stalk and eventually kill anything and anyone who come into its Territory around a Moonshine Camp in the Appalachian Mountains


The Devil Monkey appears to resemble a Large Black Primate (Similar to a Chimpanzee) although much larger, and more Demonic-like, with Red Glowing Eyes


Of all Cryptids in Lost Tapes, the Devil Monkey is by far the most Aggressive, Bloodthirsty, and Psychotic Creature. It is Extremely Aggressive, constnantly Screaming and making Horrible Noises, and being quite vicious with its prey.

The Devil Monkey Possesses Unbelievable Strength, being able to Tore off Feet and even Legs from a Human Being. The Creature is also extremely Agile and Quick, attacking one of the Officers in a second and then Quickly disappearing.