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The Devil Star Imperial Forces are the main villainous force from Astro Warrior.


The Devil Star Imperial Forces have invaded the galaxy, launching a full-scale attack in order to conquer it. The Allied Forces, which protects the galaxy against invasion, immediately launches a counter attack to repel the Devil Star, causing a fierce war between the two factions. The Allied Forces eventually complete a new spaceship they name Astro Raider, launching a squadron of them to counter the Devil Star. One of the Astro Raiders leads the Allied Forces assault against the Devil Star forces, who have an arsenal of powerful spacefighters piloted by their own skilled pilots, all commanded by the bosses Zanoni, Nebiros, and their leader Belzebul, a gigantic brain controlling a four-armed mechanized body.


  • Mother Boone
  • Cult
  • Sakura
  • Close
  • Sharin
  • Spindler
  • Astel
  • Twin Birds
  • Auction
  • Euphoric
  • Birdle
  • Tinker
  • Drillit
  • Cabourn
  • Gironde
  • Toraiya
  • Arbby
  • Tricker
  • Zanoni (Boss)
  • Nebiros (Boss)
  • Belzebul (Leader)



  • The game has no ending, simply looping with a higher difficulty after Belzebul is defeated.

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