Devil Z is a mysterious energy being who is the secret leader of the Decepticons following Scorponok's defeat and the main antagonist of the anime Transformers Super God Masterforce.

It initially appeared as an orb of energy within the Decepticon Pretenders' base before its true nature was revealed. It is the creator of Overlord along with the other Godmasters, which it produced as part of its plan to create the ultimate Godmaster for it to possess.

He was voiced by Hidekatsu Shibata, who also voiced Baron Ashura in Mazinger Z, Emperor of Darkness in Great Mazinger, General Shadow in Kamen Rider Stronger and the Omnipotent God in Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan.


Long ago, Devil Z schemed to create the ultimate lifeform and doing so, would create an army of unvanquishable might that he would rule over. Devil Z stole eight transtectors from the Autobots during their war in space, before bringing them to Earth and scattering them. Devil Z then entered hibernation for thousands of years, waiting for the time to strike. Shortly after Scorponok's defeat, and the war leaving the Earth, Devil Z awoke and began to put his plan into action. Devil Z found two humans, Giga and Mega, and gave them the strongest transtector, making them Overlord. Shortly after, Devil Z kidnapped Scorponok and brainwashed him, turning him into an obedient servant. In order to bolser his forces, Devil Z freed the Decepticon Pretenders, reinitiating the war on Earth. Devil Z largely sat out the first half of the conflict, though his power was used by Blood to reanimate the dead, and later to send wild animals in Africa into a frenzy. However, after multiple Godmasters joined the Autobots, with one, Ginrai being especially powerful, Devil Z began to take a more active hand in the war, summoning Scorponok, now Black Zarak, back to Earth, as his power would considerably even the odds. In order to counter him, Ginrai was given an upgrade into God Ginrai, making Ginrai even more powerful. God Ginrai defeated Overlord and Black Zarak on the moon, briefly delaying Devil Z's plan. However, upon Black Zarak arriving on Earth, Devil Z launched Operation M1, planning to force the nations to bowing to the Decepticons, or witness Tokyo be utterly eradicated. God Ginrai defeated the operation, and Devil Z, now deathly fearful of humanity's power, resolved to wipe them out. To this end, Devil Z had Black Zarak attack the Earth from space with the Death Para Machine. God Ginrai destroyed it, and Devil Z ordered the Decepticons to launch campaigns of extermination across the world. Europe was ravaged by Overlord and the Hydra brothers, while Latin America suffered at the hands of the Decepticon Pretenders. Devil Z had also sent Black Zarak to attack China, while fanatically urging his followers to exterminate the humans, down to the last infant. Although the defeat in China halted his extermination campaign, Devil Z's plans to exterminate humanity was far from over. After the Decepticon base was discovered, Devil Z possessed Black Zarak, before planning to detonate the base, completely abandoning Wilder and Bullhorn to die in the explosion. Later on, in the Amazon, Devil Z made it clear he would use his full powers to eradicate humanity, furiously threatening Overlord to comply. Devastating North America from the Grand Canyon, Devil Z turned Hydra and Buster into fully robotic beings at their request. Devil Z ordered Overlord to engage God Ginrai, while at the same time, turning the Decepticon Headmaster Juniors transtectors fully robotic. After a standoff, Devil Z declared the North America attacks complete and headed to Europe. Encamping on the Matterhorn, Devil Z bombarded Europe with his Devil Thunder. After Hydra and Buster failed him one too many times, Devil Z furiously beat them almost to death, before almost killing them with eye beams. This was the last straw for Overlord who turned on his emperor. God Ginrai arrived to save Overlord, but Devil Z then killed Sixknight, who had secretly arrived on Earth, by overcharging him with his Devil Power and leaving him a smoking crater. Devil Z then attempted to flee to Antarctica, where he had created a Devil Power Amplifier which would eradicate humanity forever. However, God Ginrai managed to decapitate Black Zarak, but Devil Z merely made his host transform into a hydra. Overlord, sickened with his master, and feeling honor bound to aid God Ginrai, attacked his master. Infuriated, Devil Z turned Overlord into a full robot and killed Giga and Mega. God Ginrai summoned the Autobot Headmaster Juniors and attacked Devil Z again. Devil Z revealed the origins of the Godmasters to God GInrai proclaiming that they would never be able to kill their own creator. However, God Ginrai launched a powerful God Fire Guts that completely destroyed Black Zarak, destroying Devil Z's host body and exposing his alien form. Devil Z threatened the Autobot leader, but God Ginrai summoned all of his power into the Final Fire Guts, blasting straight into Devil Z's heart and killing the alien in a massive explosion. With Devil Z's death, the Autobot Godmasters and Headmaster Junior transtectors became full robots and departed into space, bringing an end to the Masterforce War.

Powers and Abilities

Devil Z is one of the most powerful villains in the Transformers franchise. As an energy being, Devil Z is capable of energy attacks such as zapping people, and inflicting severe pain and torment on them along with causing natural disasters. After he possesses BlackZarak, he gains immense power and is capable of extinguishing all organic life on Earth if he ever reaches his full might. Using his Devil Power, Devil Z can purge all organic matter from a transtector-bonded Decepticon, converting them into a fully robotic being.


  • Devil Z is the first Transformers villain to be a non-transformer who is the leader of the Decepticons, though he did possess one of them.
  • Devil Z appears in the Tranformers Legends comics and manga which reveals that he was a creation of a god of light in order to make energy beings called God Masters.


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