Devlin Bowman is the main villain in the critically panned 2002 movie The Master of Disguise.

He is portrayed by Brent Spiner (who was famous for portraying Data in Star Trek: The Next Generation) who also portrayed Stromboli in Geppetto, Joker in Young Justice, Purple Man in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and Tommy Katzenbach in Material Girls.


Devlin had spent twenty years in prison but released. He was involved in computing manufacture and tried to tempt Pistachio with the Dark Side of Energico, the power of the Disguisey family, but couldn't because Pistachio was pure of heart. Devlin kidnapped Pistachio's parents, and later kidnapped Jennifer, Pistachio's partner and later lover. This was to lure in Pistachio which worked.

Devlin was using Pistachio's father to disguise himself as celebrities, to influence businessmen and cops and to steal treasures from exhibits round the world under pretense it was for a legal cause. Devlin was cackling when each treasure was stolen, and Pistachio's father said Devlin was clearly insane. Devlin responded with "Am I?" and burst out laughing, apparently relieved no wind broke, but then it eventually did, to his embarrassment. He had a habit of breaking out in farts each time he laughed or even moved.

Devlin also had a massive ninja army protecting him. When Pistachio broke into his lair, he launched all the ninjas on Pistachio but the Master of Disguise fought them all with Energitco power. Then Devlin made Pistachio's father a clone of him, wiping his memories to make it more effective. But Pistachio reminded his father of who he really was and his father threw off the disguise.

Chased by Devlin's henchmen, Pistachio outwitted Devlin at a celebrity party, disguising himself as George W. Bush, to Devlin's delight, where Devlin invited "Bush" to pose in a picture with him. However, Devlin soon realized Bush was really Pistachio and fought him, but was kicked into the pool. He emitted one great and sour fart, shocking most of his friends.

Although he was presumed dead, Devlin reappeared during the credits, trying to lure Pistachio with attractive girls. However, engaged to Jennifer, Pistachio refused and yelled "Enough!" Devlin was presumably arrested.



  • Devlin has a habit of farting every time he laughs.


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