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Devo, (also known as Soul Sacrifice in the English dub), was an evil Stand user and one of the assassins hired by Dio Brando in the third arc of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.


Yuji Kishi (Heritage for the Future)
Unshou Ishizuka (ASB)
Shouto Kashii (TVA)
Edward Bosco (TVA)



Prior to allying with DIO, Devo was already known all over the world as a lethal assassin hired by numerous figures in the criminal underworld. Having met Devo at the time, explaining Devo's method of assassinating his targets by having them make the first move, Muhammad Avdol explains no person who seen Devo's Stand lived to tell about it. This leads many ordinary people to believe that Devo curses his victims to suffer a horrific death, hence his moniker.

Stardust Crusaders

Arriving in Singapore ahead of the Joestar Group, Devo hid away within a fridge in the hotel room that Jean Pierre Polnareff was taking. When Polnareff noticed the removed alcoholic beverages, he deduced Devo's presence and forced the assassin to reveal himself. Devo did just that, activating his Stand and having Silver Chariot land the first blow at the cost of his left eye. In horrific pain as his Stand quickly possessed a doll unseen, Devo sadistically curses Polnareff to suffer an agonizing death before falling off from the balcony. But in reality, Devo escaped to the bathroom on one of the lower floors and remained in a stall to act out his curse through his Stand-possessed doll.

Ebony Devil manages to tie Polnareff under the bed so that Silver Chariot would lack its human's direct eyesight, while killing a hotel employee. The doll proceeds to spill the alcohol over the floor and on Polnareff with the intent to use a malfunctioning hairdryer to either burn the Frenchman or electrocute him. However, Polnareff shattered a mirror during the fight and the reflection of its fragments to finally counterattack Devo's Stand with a clear view. Once freed, Polnareff asks for information about J. Geil, but Devo refuses to talk and dies of horrific mutilation as Polnareff brutally destroys Ebony Devil and its vessel.

Powers and Abilities

Devo's stand, Ebony Devil, works on the level of hatred he has towards his opponent, the reason why he let his victims attack him. He then remotely controls the voodoo doll, attacking his victim by surprise, always making so that he won't be hurt. He will the take advantage of the situation to kill the victim by any means possible.





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