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There is no meeting today. See, I convinced the board to have an emergency meeting last night. I tried to call you, but not on a phone, so you may not have heard me.
~ Devon Banks, having outwitted Jack in "Succession"

Devon Banks is a recurring villain played by Will Arnett on the television series 30 Rock. In the episode "Fireworks", he is introduced as an L.A. executive after Jack Donaghy's job. In the same episode, Devon is revealed to be gay and his attraction to Kenneth proves to be a weakness.

In the second season, Devon pretends to be straight in order to become engaged to Kathy Geiss, the daughter of GE CEO Don Geiss. When Don falls into a coma, Devon convinces the board to make childlike Kathy CEO so that he can manipulate her behind the scenes. However, Banks proves to be quite incompetent at running the company and eventually plans to "save" it by shutting it down for two years ("Imagine how badly people will want light bulbs then?"). Ultimately, Jack convinces Kathy to hire him as a business advisor and Devon is fired from GE.

In the fourth season, Devon returns in the episode "Into the Crevasse", now working for the federal government. Devon is thrilled as he forces a reluctant Jack to take bailout money from the government. In season five's "Plan B", he competes with Jack to become CEO of Kabletown, but ultimately turns down the job in order to spend more time with his partner and their three "gaybies". By his last appearance in season seven's "Game Over", he has been reduced to teaching a cycling class. In the episode, he plots with Jack's other archnemesis, Kaylee Hooper, to help her become the CEO of Kabletown rather than Jack, but Devon is outfoxed yet again.

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