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Devon Marks is the villainous main protagonist of The New Kid, the third story of Five Nights at Freddy's: Fazbear Frights #3: 1:35 AM, a book series based of the Five Nights at Freddy's: franchise. Although he doesn't necessarily have bad intentions, the events caused by him ends up creating horrible consequences.


Devon and Mick, two lonely boys, quickly became friends with Kelsey, the new kid at school- Tough the friendship goes well at first, Devon gets mad at Kelsey for what he perceives as him hanging out with his crush. Wanting revenge, when Kelsey asks him to look for cool abandoned places for them to hang out with, Devon takes his friend to an abandoned Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and he leaves him for a few hours inside an old golden bear suit. Although Devon's purpose was just to scare Kelsey and nothing else, the springlocks inside the suit gets triggered, and Kelsey dies. A few days later, Devon decides to go back in the pizzeria to find Kelsey's body, telling Mick to cover for him and to not reveal anything about what happened to anyone, even if Devon will not be able to return. Once Devon returns at Freddy's, he looks inside the golden bear suit, but there's apparently no body inside it. He eventually sticks his hand inside the suit's mouth to feel around, but the springlocks triggers again, crushing his arm. Now stuck and left to die, Devon is able to see |a corpse with curly, black hair, different by Kelsey's straight and blonde one. Altough it's not shown, it's implied Devon will die by starvation, as none will come to save him and he hasn't taken any food or water with him.


Due to being abandoned by his father at a young age and being ignored by his mother, Devon has developed issues creating bonds with other people. He seems to prove genuine happiness while he's with his friends, but he also exibits sociopath behavior, shown by how he kills a crow with a stone for no reason at one point of the story and how he does a horrible prank against Kelsey just because he's jealous of him. Devon seems also pretty good at manipulating people and lying, covering with success what happens in the old pizzeria, altough that will eventually be one of the reasons of his death.


  • It's debated if Devon could be considered a murderer, because Kelsey is seen alive and well at the end of the story, in a new school. Some fans think Kelsey is actually a paranormal creature who lure bad kids to Freddy's pizzerias to let them die.


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