The Devouring Gourd is an evil entity from Bantu folklore, while many variants of the creature exist one of the more notable tales of the monster come from the "Devouring Gourd of Usambra".


The Devouring Gourd of Usambara was discovered by a group of little boys at play. “Look at how big that gourd is getting!” said one of the boys. To their surprise, the gourd responded. “If you pluck me, I’ll pluck you!” it said. The boys ran home and told their mother, who refused to believe them. But their sisters insisted on seeing the large gourd, and when they were taken to it, they said as their brothers had, “Look at how big that gourd is getting!” This time the gourd did not respond, and the girls went home to complain about their brothers being liars.

As the gourd was not plucked, it continued to grow. Eventually it became the size of a house, uprooted itself, and went about swallowing everyone in the village. After consuming everyone within reach, it rolled into a lake.

Only one woman had survived the gourd’s rampage, and she was pregnant. When her son was born, they lived together in the ruins of the village. When the son got around to asking where his father was, his mother told him “He was swallowed by a gourd, which is now in the lake”. The son decided to avenge his father, and went out to the lake where he could see the gourd’s ears sticking out of the water, and he proceeded to taunt the vegetable. “Gourd, come out!” he yelled. “Gourd, come out!” Annoyed and enraged, the gourd hauled itself out of the lake, but the boy was ready for it, and fired a volley of arrows into it. The tenth arrow killed it, and it died with a roar that could be heard all the way to Vuga. The boy cut it open with a knife, released the villagers unharmed, and went on to become a great leader of his people.

Powers And Abilities

The Devouring Gourd possesses a number of supernatural abilities such as being able to speak with humans, though it also had great cunning and enjoyed tricking victims. I had size-altering properties and could thus grow to monstrous sizes and finally its most dreaded ability was that of consuming humans whole, its victims would remain alive even when consumed, as was show when the hero sliced it open, freeing all its previous victims.



  • In some tales, there are multiple Devouring Gourds and they are said to grow in places where evil sorcerers or ogres have been slain, suggesting that Devouring Gourds are possessed by these evil spirits.
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