Dezhor zo Raza is a minor villain in Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series. He was a wealthy slaver from Meereen who at one point owned Asher Forrester's friend, Beskha.


Beskha alludes to Dezhor being smug and not caring about the lives of his slaves, but when she confronts him his words suggest he is pleased or excited to see her, perhaps expressing pride.

During the liberation of Meereen, Beskha confronts Dezhor after finding a dying slave. Croft says that if she kills him it could jeopardize their mission, and threatens to shoot her with his crossbow if she doesn't comply to his orders.

Asher can let Beskha kill Dezhor or agree with Croft and stop her. If she kills Dezhor, Beskha sticks both of her blades into his stomach, then pulls them in opposing directions, creating an X-shape across his chest.

Asher can also step in and kill him.

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