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Villain Overview

Thanks to Inextinguishable, I'll become the strongest of them all ever existed. I won't forgive anyone who tries to interfere my revival! I'll never forgive them at all! PERISH!!!
~ Dezumozorlya inside Mikoto's body.
You're such a fool. You think I didn't discover your treason, don't you? Here and now, I'll let you see what will become of Abarangers!
~ Dezumorzorlya after attacking Jannu when he deduced her as a spy.

Wicked Life God Dezumozorlya is a malevolent, parasitic entity worshipped by the Evolians and the main antagonist of Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger.

Its ultimate goal is to assimilate all life. It was originally held in a meteorite until it crashed to Earth and caused it to split. Dezumozorlya's essence became divided between the two earths, and taking one being of each world as its host and transmigrating itself through the host's descendants. It is said that its presence has caused war and famine throughout history.

At the start of Abaranger, Lije held the essence of its Dino Earth counterpart while its inactive Earth counterpart was held by Mikoto Nakadai.

He is voiced by Masaharu Satō who previously voiced Bodyguard Hydrid and later voiced DezumoVoorla, Tylerian Durden, Jougami, Gyuuya, a Rock Blast Banki and Yokai Tengu.

Hosts and Forms

Mikoto Nakadai

Dezumozorlya possessing Mikoto.

Dezumozorlya's Earth half entered the body of Mikoto, giving him evil tendencies and alienating him from other people. Though he starts off as an ally of the Evoliens, he eventually learns the truth from Ryouga Hakua, prompting him to turn against the Evoliens. Mikoto later tries to kill off the Earth-half, resulting in him being mortally wounded.

Disciple of Dawn Lije

Dezumozorlya possesing Lijewel.

Lije served as the host of Dezumozorlya's DinoEarth counterpart, having was obtained it through the Tree of Life. When Lije's body could no longer handle his presence, she was grown into Messenger of Dawn Lijewel. Dezumozorlya later transforms her body again when she to defy him out of her love for Mikoto, resulting in her becoming DezumoLijewel. However, he is purged from her body by the five Abarangers using information sent by Mahoro, resulted in Lije reverting back to her infant stage.

Destruction Messenger Jannu

Dezumozorlya possessing Jannu.

Dezumozorlya later entered the body of Mahoro/Jannu in order to fuse Mikela and Voffa into DezumoVoorla.


Dezumozorlya used DezumoVoorla as a host in order to possess Bakurenoh and assimilate Mikoto. Both of these failed resulting DezumoVoorla being destroyed by Mikoto.

Invasion Garden Ultimate Form DezumoGevirus

DezumoGevirus beginning his plans to engulf Earth in 200 years of darkness.

Dezumozoryla later used Tree of Life to transfer its primal urges throughout the entire Garden Palace, molding it into its final body, DezumoGevirus. DezumoGevirus was fatally injured by Ryouga and Yukito using the Bakuryuu's combined powers, and attempted to take them down with it. However, this was stopped by Abarenoh and MaxOhJa (with Ryouga and Yukito in their respective cockpits) apparently sacrificing themselves. It is later revealed they managed to survive using Yukito's idea that they couldn't hold on against Dezumozorlya's power, leading them to using Abarenoh to burrow underground.

Wicked Life Soldier Armor Dezumogevirus

Wicked Life Soldier Armor Dezumogevirus was the result of Dezumozorlya recreating the Cursed Armor using Asuka and Mahoro's fear of it. It battled Mahoro, Asuka, and Ranru Itsuki until it was destroyed by AbareYellow and AbareBlack using the power of their Dino Guts.


  • Due to his role in the birth of Lije, Dezumozorlya is so far the only Super Sentai villain who is a rapist.
  • Dezumozorlya's name is a pun on "Zori", the Japanese word for "Paramecium", which is the motif of his first form.

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