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Watch where you're goin', ya fool!
~ Di Lung's catchphrase.

Di Lung is a minor antagonist in the Cartoon Network series Courage the Cowardly Dog. He is a supremely stuck-up Chinese-American hipster (not to mention a spoiled "nouveau riche" brat) who drives what appears to be a red 1950's Corvette (when he isn't busy foolishly wrecking said car, at least).

He usually says "Watch where you're going, ya fool!" or "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! A ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!". His aunt appeared in the episode "Squatting Tiger, Hidden Dog". He also made a robotic Courage in the episode "Courage vs. Mecha-Courage". He is extremely over-confident and often downright ego-maniacal about how talented he is, to the point where he most likely quite literally considers himself to be "perfect." His appearances are usually (very) random and short, and he is likely an in-joke (partially) based on someone that the show's creators met on a chance encounter.

In the episode "Squatting Tiger, Hidden Dog", Di Lung once had an aunt in his family who was a wicked sorceress that took over present-day China; with the help of said aunt, Di Lung lived out his joyous days of living in luxury and even performing "de-boning" rituals that left said aunt's victims boneless while using the stolen bones of said victims in some sort of magic spell to not only maintain said aunt's tyrannical rule over China, but also allow said aunt to keep her magical powers and maintain their full strength forever.

Luckily, however, Courage, with the help of the mysterious yet benevolent Good Empress, defeated the Evil Empress, rescued Muriel, and freed China itself from said empress' tyranny, thus causing said empress' nephew (Di Lung) to turn good...unfortunately, however, said nephew's hypocrisy still remained largely intact nevertheless, especially in "Cabaret Courage".

He was voiced by Tim Chi Ly, one of the show's main design supervisors.


Di Lung is a young man of rather distinctly Asian descent. He has somewhat scruffy black hair and wears black sunglasses. He is most commonly seen wearing a white V-neck T-shirt, navy blue shorts, and pink sandals with flowers on them. However, he has also worn a "#1" T-shirt (not to mention green sneakers) in "Squatting Tiger, Hidden Dog", along with a thick black jacket (not to mention blue jeans and black shoes) in "Courage In The Big Stinkin' City", a yellow shirt (not to mention blue jeans and black shoes) in "Hothead", red swimming trunks (and nothing else except for his sandals and sunglasses) in "Scuba Scuba Doo", and his bicycling gear (complete with thick navy-green shorts) in "Le Quack Balloon". He is most likely modeled after Tim Chi Ly (his voice actor). He also is revealed to rather bizarrely have completely yellow eyes (and brown hair, implying that his usual "black" hair color is actually just the result of hair dye and/or something similar) when Eustace blows his car up with him still in it in "Hothead".


Di Lung is actually shockingly intelligent IQ-wise but has a rather insufferably egotistical, pretentious and childish personality. He constantly belittles others in order to make himself feel superior to them and clearly loves to show off with his incredible inventions. He also has a more sadistic side, delighting in watching Mecha Courage beat down his original counterpart (not to mention kicking said original counterpart into a digestive manhole in "Cabaret Courage").


He and his twin aunts, the Good Empress and the Evil Empress, appear in the episode "Squatting Tiger, Hidden Dog".

He makes a minor appearance in "Courage in the Big Stinkin' City," where he bumps into Eustace on the sidewalk. This makes Eustace drop his hot-dog (much to said farmer's dismay), even though Eustace had been standing still and Di had walked right into him (to which Eustace exclaims "Watch where you're going, ya fool!").

He rather surprisingly is the main villain of "Courage The Fly", where he uses Courage as a test subject for his "buffalo transformation" potion (which, of course, ends up accidentally transforming said dog into a fly instead) in order to prevent Courage from being able to stop him from "making a satellite fall (onto Courage's house), ya fool" using his giant satellite-attracting magnet. Luckily, said plan is only partially successful; the satellite does, in fact, crash, but not on top of Courage's house...instead, it simply burrows its way into the ground beneath Courage's house before then flying straight up THROUGH said house and thankfully taking Eustace with itself before said farmer can get an opportunity to swat "Fly Courage" to death using his fly swatter. Shockingly enough, "ya fool" is uttered several times in this episode, but "watch where you're going" is absent from it, making this episode Di Lung's only WWYGYF-free appearance in the entire series.

He also made a robotic version of Courage known as "Mecha Courage" in "Courage vs. Mecha-Courage". He is absurdly over-confident about how talented he is, to the point where he (or at least Courage's hallucination of him) even quite literally calls himself "perfect" in the show's extremely iconic (final) episode of the same name.

In "Campsite of Terror", Di Lung is shown to be quite wealthy, possibly because his aunt is the Empress of China, so said wealth presumably funds his scientific inventions. He also had a TV show where he very condescendingly coaxed people into giving him their wallets, checkbooks, and credit cards; he implied that said act would make said givers rich, but it was really just an elaborate scheme to make him (even) richer.

He also makes minor appearances in "Record Deal", where he is seen attending Velvet Vic's concert, "Scuba Scuba Doo", where he is seen surfing, "So In Louvre Are We Two", where he is seen exiting the museum, "Angry Nasty People", where he is seen at Jean Bon's "Burgers Really Cheap" diner, and "Le Quack Balloon", where he very ignominiously wrecks his bicycle by hitting Courage's leash.

Lastly, he was revealed to be a downright ludicrously talented former student of the Perfectionist in the aforementioned "Perfect", being able to build an exact representation of the Eiffel Tower out of toothpicks...although it's heavily implied that said Perfectionist was merely a figment of Courage's imagination, so this is most likely not true.


  • Yo Aunty, whats up?
  • Oh no that's your magic silk worm.
  • Watch where you're goin', ya fool!
  • Suppose to be buffalo.
  • Bye Bye magic silk worm.
  • This not acupuncture, this de-boning. I'm taking out your bones! A ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
  • The good Empress back to reclaim throne. I don't take orders from evil empress. Not DE-boning, RE-boning! A ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
  • I don't think so, ya fool. Ah ha ha ha ha!
  • Oh, I'll take you up alright!
  • I'm going to make a satelite fall, ya fool.
  • You no good as(s) dog! Two time!
  • I told you I build better dog! Why you no give up, dog?! You no good, no giving up dog! No good...
  • I invent extra toe.
  • Get rich real quick! I did it, and so can you! All you have to do to learn the secret of my success is send me money! Ah hah heh heh heh heh heh! That's right! It's as simple as that! Get out your checkbook, credit card and wallet and send 'em to me! Ah hah heh heh heh heh!
  • Wanna play fetch?
  • Huh? Watch where you're going ya fool!
  • I don't think so.
  • Watch where you're goin', ya fool! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
  • Watch where you're goin', ya fool! I make sure you don't work in this town again!
  • Hey want a ride? Well get in ya fool!
  • I told ya, ya fools!
  • I'm perfect. Aha ha ha ha ha.
  • Hold it fat lady! I'm partly to founder though I never tell. AWAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
  • Dunk the fool! Aha ha.
  • Aha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
  • Aha ha ha ha ha! Aha ha ha! Watch where you're going ya fool! Hey lady with innocent soul, I be your tour guide to show you Great Wall.



  • Di Lung is (or at least definitely comes across as) a very blatant parody of real-life China's extremely infamous "fuerdai (rich and spoiled children of royalty figures and upper-class businessmen)" and has a personality that completely embodies the negative stereotypes surrounding said group (being incredibly greedy and arrogant, frequently breaking numerous vehicular traffic laws and then blaming said misbehavior on actual traffic law followers, acting far "cooler" than he actually is, constantly mocking others for being less fortunate than he is, generally being an extremely blatant hypocrite, et cetera). Out of all of the Courage The Cowardly Dog series' remarkably numerous national/cultural stereotype characters, he also is ironically one of the most accurate ones (if not the single most accurate one) by far, despite also being one of the most exaggerated ones by incredibly far.
  • It has become quite a running gag on the Internet to mock Di Lung for acting and looking uncannily similar to RiceGum, to the point where many of said joke's supporters outright claim that Di Lung was the show's accidental prediction of RiceGum's YouTube career (even though he's probably just a Tim Chi Ly caricature design-wise).
  • Di Lung's iconic "watch where you're going, ya fool" catchphrase is (generally) one of the show's definitive examples of hypocritical humor due to how laughably incapable he is of actually following its advice:
    • In "Hothead", he yells it at Eustace after parking his car in the middle of an open road and nearly causing Eustace to crash his truck in the process; his (Di Lung's) following "90-degree" turn is so exceedingly sloppy that it nearly causes said car to slip off of said road altogether.
    • In "Courage In The Big Stinkin' City", he yells it at Eustace after bumping into him and thus making him drop his hot dog; naturally, this actually causes Eustace to publicly and very openly mock him for how much of a hypocrite he is being (by yelling "watch where you're going, ya fool" back at him).
    • In "Courage VS Mecha-Courage", he yells it at the driver of a truck that he gets hit by while standing in the middle of an open road (for a long-enough period of time for him to somehow be able to make an entire Courage VS Mecha-Courage comparison chart during said period, no less).
    • In "Scuba Scuba Doo", he yells it at Ma Bagge while surfboarding in a tsunami that she is swimming in.
    • In "Fishy Business", he yells it at an octopus after said octopus removes him from its natural habitat.
    • In "The Nutcracker", he yells it at Courage after Courage uses him as a foot-stool in order to avoid the glue trap that he is stuck in; rather humorously, this actually causes the rats surrounding him to hatefully glare at him as their way of pointing out his hypocrisy
    • In "Le Quack Balloon", he yells it at a clearly walk-signal-following Courage while recklessly barreling straight toward him on his bicycle; roughly two seconds later, said bicycle runs directly into Courage's leash, sending him (Di Lung) flying and tumbling in a very cartoonish fashion.
    • In "Squatting Tiger, Hidden Dog", he yells it at Courage while running right next to him atop the Great Wall Of China (one could argue that this is simply his way of saying that Courage doesn't belong in China itself, let alone atop its Great Wall, but then again, neither does he)
    • In "Muted Muriel", he yells it at Courage after nearly running him over with his car, then gets crushed by the very same monster that Courage is fleeing from, which is perhaps the show's most extreme example of him being able to survive absolutely anything.
    • In "Food Of The Dragon", he yells it at the episode's titular dragon for smashing his car, which is rather surprisingly his only actually correct canonical usage of the phrase.
    • In "Cabaret Courage", he yells it at Eustace after bumping into him and thus causing himself to drop his photographs of himself; he then threatens to "make sure that Eustace never finds work in this town again" as punishment for Eustace damaging his ego.


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