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The Diablosaurus Pack, also called the Horned Tyrannosaurs, are the Alpha Diablosaurus' subordinates and served as the secondary antagonists of the first episode of Primal.


This Diablosaurus pack are crimson red tyrannosaurids with dark stripes and unique patterns of horns on their snout. They each have a similar appearance, but can be distinguished from one another mostly by their horns. The alpha had a single razor-sharp horn surrounded with little mini-horns, the beta had two conjoined nasal horns, and the other two members had realistic horns akin to real-life theropods.


The Alioramus

The first individual shown on-screen. It was the one who killed Spear's wife, which paved the way for its accomplices to kill the children. Although not showing much personality compare to the other pack members, the Alioramus was shown to be highly cooperative and creative when it comes to finding and killing prey.

The Rhinoceros

The second individual shown on-screen. It was the one who killed Spear's daughter. It was the most impulsive and reckless pack member.

The Ceratosaurus

The third individual shown on-screen, as well as the one who had the most defined personality. It was the one who killed Spear's son, showing great joy in doing so. Contrary to the Alioramus and the Rhinoceros, who behaved like normal predators who just want to find food, and were willing to move on to the next prey after finishing the job or failing, the Ceratosaurus was shown to hold grudges and occaisionally kill out of spite. The Ceratosaurus was stubborn and obsessive, as it was stalking Spear for days before moving on to attacking Fang both for food and for pleasure. After being tossed aside by Fang, the Ceratosaurus aimed all of its efforts to kill Spear, going out of its way to do so despite numerous otherwise lethal injuries.


The pack and their alpha traveled together in search of any prey, going wherever their leader took them. The subordinates soon discovered and slaughtered Spear's wife, daughter and son in front of Spear after he returned from fishing. They only stopped attacking Spear as their leader summons them away before they could get the chance.

The pack later discovered Spear with a female Tyrannosaurus named Fang and her offspring. The pack decided to ignore Spear and attack Fang instead, only to be surprised when Spear joined the fight. During the gruesome battle, the Rhinoceros, an individual with two horns, is killed by Fang when she bites off its snout with her jaws while the Ceratosaurus, another with only a single horn, is killed by Spear when he throws his spear at it which impales the theropod through the heart. However, it is unknown what happened to the third one, the Alioramus, since it was last seen being whacked by Fang's tail, although its corpse is not seen as it might suggest that it ran away with fear after two of its pack members were killed.


  • While the Rhinoceros and the Ceratosaurus were killed on-screen, the Alioramus' fate is ambiguous as it might have run away in fear after its fellow pack members were killed.
  • Despite resembling Tyrannosaurus rexes, the Diablosaurus pack possess features that the real-life Tyrannosaurus rex does not have, such as horns.


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