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~ Diaboromon
(Omnimon: Connection terminated.) Willis...
~ Diaboromon's last words.

Diaboromon is a mega-level virus digimon like creature and one of the antagonists from the original Digimon Adventure franchise. Born on the internet rather than the Digital World, Diaboromon made his debut in Our War Game. He returned in the sequel Revenge of Diaboromon. In both films, he (and his other digivolution forms) serve as the movies main antagonist.

For Digimon: The Movie (where Our War Game was combined with Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02: Hurricane Landing) however, Diaboromon was the second of three antagonists to face the Digi-Destined. The others were Parrotmon and Kokomon, with Diaboromon being indirectly responsible for the latter's fall to darkness in the third act.

Outside of the movies, Diaboromon is a minor antagonist in the third season of Digimon Fusion and the most powerful Virus-type Digimon in Digimon World 2.

Although Diaboromon does not speak in Our War Game, for Digimon: The Movie he is voiced by Paul St. Peter, who also voiced fellow Digimon villain Apocalymon, Wormmon in Digimon Adventure 02, Cherubimon in Digimon Frontier and Xemnas in the Kingdom Hearts series.


Diaboromon and his other evolution forms generally resemble bug-like monsters with lanky arms. His mega-form is the most human looking out of the entire group, where he resembles an armored warrior, with long arms and legs.

He originally hatched from a digi-egg as a Kuramon, which looked like a small round octopus, with pointed ears and a single big orange eye.

Not long after, Kuramon digivolved into his In-Training form (later named) Tsumemon. This digimon resembled a blue handed, with claw like appendages. Like Kuramon, it possessed a single orange eye, but the ears were long and rabbit like.

In his rookie form, Keramon is a bipedal, blue bug-like creature with several tentacles and two long arms with big human hands.

For his ultimate form Infermon, the virus digimon resembles a robotic spider. His carapace was white with red trimming. A single, rhino like horn protruded from his head.

His final form, Armageddemon he is similar to Infermon, but is colossal and dark. It has a massive, purple body with black armor covering its head, back, chest, and legs. It possesses 6 legs like that of an insect, with a long dinosaur like tail that has a stinger a the end. The head is reptile-like, with two horns, wide jaws, and green eyes.


Digimon Adventures 01/Our War Game

The egg that would hatch into Diaboromon was first discovered by the Digi-Destined of Knowledge Izzy Izumi. Having returned to the human world following the defeat of Apocalymon, Izzy discovered a Digi-Egg one day, whilst browsing the internet. Created from several different virus' merging to together, his astonishment the egg then hatched into a little digimon named Kuramon.

Shocked by his discovery, Izzy raced over to the house of fellow Digi-Destined and group leader, Taichi Kamiya (the bearer of courage). As the two teenagers wondered what to do, Kuramon digivolved into Tsumemon. It was here that the little digimon went from a harmless little peculiarity into a major threat. Sending a message to the digidestined saying that he was hungry, the creature began to eat computer data, causing the internet to crash and causing havoc throughout Japan. Fortunately, Tai and Izzy where then contacted by Gennai, who sent along their partners Agumon and Tentomon to help deal with the threat.

By the time Tai and Izzy managed to track, the creature down he had become Keramon. Uploaded onto the internet by Gennai, Agumon and Tentomon found the creature chomping on yet more data. Sneaking up on him, Agumon and Tentomon attacked Keramon from behind, but the virus digimon was not affected. Keramon then faces the two Digimon and fights back. Prompted Agumon and Tentomon became Greymon and Kabuterimon respectively and the two champions retaliated. However, this did not work either as instead of destroying him with one shot, Keramon (who had apparently absorbed enough data) digivolved to Infermon.

Watched by Tai, Izzy and many other people over the internet, Infermon proceeded to mop the floor with the two champions. He was not only larger, but faster and more heavily armed than either Greymon or Kabuterimon. Seeing this, Izzy recognized that Infermon had absorbed enough data for him to bypass the champion level. Realizing that they were facing an ultimate, the two Digi-Destined tried to even the playing field, but Infermon attacked them in the middle of their evolutions, knocking them out of the fight. Victorious, Infermon made his escape, then used his power to infect the entire cities network. This temporarily, cut the internet and telephone connections, allowing him a temporary free-reign. Whilst Izzy dealt with the internet problem, Tai tried to contact the rest of the Digi-Destined for reinforcements. Unfortunately, most of them did not respond due to various commitments or issues. In the end, they were only able to reach the two brothers Matt Ishida and T.K (Takeru Takashi), the bearers of Friendship and Hope respectively. As Agumon and Tentomon prepared for round two, they were joined by fellow Digimon, Gabumon and Patamon.

After locating Infermon, the Digi-Destined took no chances. Tai and Matt had Agumon and Gabumon become WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon respectively. The two mega's proceeded to attack Infermon. Whilst they managed to briefly stun him, the virus digimon quickly brushed it off. Looking up, Infermon noticed Patamon about to digivolve. Perhaps sensing the danger, the ultimate leapt towards him and digivolved into his true/final form: Diaboromon. As the Digi-destined gawked at yet another digivolution, Diaboromon used his new powers to attack Patamon and Tentomon, pinning the two rookies against some metal like structures. Tentomon was unhurt, but Patamon was both knocked out and badly injured. WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon came to their friends rescue. This allowed Tentomon (via Tai's instructions) too safely extract Patamon, but the two rookies would contribute nothing more to the fight. From that point on, it would be a clash of the mega's.

No longer holding back WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon, unleashed their full might against the evil digimon. MetalGarurumon's long range attacks had minimal success, as Diaboromon was able to use his superior agility to dodge most of them. However, WarGreymon managed to get in close and land a number of solid hits on Diaboromon, albeit at the cost of his Dramon Destroyer gauntlets. As a result, it looked as if the Digi-Destined's mega's might actually win. That all changed, when the two mega's suddenly began to slow down. This was because Diaboromon had sent out Izzy's email address to all of the observers, allowing them to contact the Digi-Destined directly. With their internet connection already crippled, the sheer volume of emails started to overwhelm the system, affecting their processing speed. Worse still, Tai accidentally crashed the system, forcing Izzy to reboot it. By the time they returned, Diaboromon (who had been unaffected) had incapacitated WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon, before once again escaping.

Victorious, Diaboromon hacked into a military missile computer system, where he grabbed a red clock. He then contacted the Digi-Desitined with another message. In the original version, it read "Which one has the clock?", in the Dub, he said "Who can count backwards from ten?" With that, Diaboromon launched a missile at Japan, which would strike the area where Tai and Izzy were located. At the same time, the evil mega started to create copies of himself, each one matching him in both strength and power. With their lives at stake, Izzy quickly concluded that their only hope was to find and kill the Diaboromon carrying the clock (i.e. the original one). This was a daunting, seemingly impossible task, as within minutes, Diaboromon had already created over 75,000 copies of himself. Yet even so, the weaken WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon promised to try.

Unfortunately, when they reached Diaboromon's location, they found that the evil monster had already cloned over a million versions of himself. Before his opponents could do anything, Diaboromon and his duplicates unleashed a rain of fire upon his adversaries. MetalGarurumon and WarGreymon tried their best to evade, but were weakened by their injuries and still hampered by the incoming emails (despite Izzy's best efforts to stop them). As such, they were quickly incapacitated. After a few seconds, Diaboromon stopped his assault and when the smoke cleared, the Digi-Destined saw their partners floating lifelessly in the void.

With their partners at deaths door, Tai and Matt managed to enter the network. There they comforted their Digimon and pleaded with them not to give up. Tapping into their partners strength and the hopes of the spectators, Wargreymon and MetalGaraurumon managed to fuse into a new Digimon: the mighty and all-powerful Omnimon. Sensing his opponents power, Diaboromon attacked once again. However, Omnimon managed used his new found strength to turn the tables on his enemy. First, he used his Transcendant Sword to deflect the incoming barrage, destroying a number of clones. Next, Omnimon used his Supreme Canon to unleash a barrage of his own. With a number of strategically placed shots, he managed to destroy all of the remaining clones in a matter of seconds.

When the smoke cleared, only one Diaboromon remained, the original one with the clock. With time running out, the Digi-Destined ordered Omnimon to finish him off. Knowing that Omnimon was too strong for him however, Diaboromon decided to use his one remaining advantage, his great speed. Leaping all over the place, he tried to keep his opponents distracted long enough to prevent them from disabling the missile. Sure enough, it appeared to work and as they passed the one minute marker, the Digi-Destined's situation looked desperate. Thinking fast however, Izzy then realized that they could turn Diaboromon's own strategy against him. Since Diaboromon had been contacting them via email, the Bearer of Knowledge figured out that if he redirected the emails to Diaboromon's account it would slow him down just like it did to them. Oblivious to the danger, Diaboromon kept darting all over the place, only realizing his mistake when Izzy hit the enter button.

Flinching visibly, Diaboromon's movements were slowed down to the point that he could barely turn his head. This allowed Tai, Matt and Omnimon to locate him. As Diaboromon's eyes widened in horror and with only 10 seconds left, the Royal Knight charged. At the four second mark, the emails ran out, but for Diaboromon it was already too late. Closing the distance, Omnimon stabbed the virus digimon in the head, killing him and disabling the explosion with one microsecond to spare. Diaboromon's body disintegrated and all that was left was his broken watch.

Differences between the adaptations

Following the release of Digimon Our War Game, Diaboromon would return as an antagonist of the English adaptation Digimon The Movie. There were a number of differences between this version of Diaboromon and his original counterpart.

  • In the original version, Diaboromon's egg was created from a number of computer virus' merging together. In the dub, it was later revealed to have been created by the American Digi-Destined Willis, but was attacked by a virus before it could hatch.
  • In Our War Game, Diaboromon and his other forms did not speak. Instead, he "spoke" to the Digi-Destined through his emails. In the English version however, he could speak fluently.
  • In the English version, Diaboromon was searching the internet for his creator Willis, for an unknown purpose. For Our War Game however, he cut off the phone and internet connections in order to stop the Digi-Destined from pursuing him.
  • In Our War Game, the number of clones he created is never specified.
  • In the original film, Diaboromon only launched one missile, but in the dub he launched two. One to target Tai and Izzy, the other Willis.
  • Following his defeat in the original movie, Diaboromon played no further role in the story until his return in The Revenge of Diaboromon. For the english adaptation however, the virus that had infected him escaped from the internet and infected Willis' partner Kokomon shortly afterwards.

Digimon Adventure (PSP)

In the PSP adaptation of Digimon Adventure, Diaboromon is the final boss of the Our War Game arc and arguably the final boss of the main game.

Digimon Adventures 02

Later in the sequel, Digimon Adventure 02: Revenge Of Diaboromon, Diaboromon survived and returned for revenge. He did this by creating an army of his offsprings; Kuramon. After he was defeated for the second time, his offsprings merged together with Diaboromon's data and became Armageddemon. He easily defeated Omnimon, and Imperialdramon. But When Omnimon fused with Imperialdramon Fighter Mode and became his Paladin Mode he was granted enough strength to destroy Diaboromon once and for all.

Digimon Fusion (season 3)

A random Diaboromon was created by Quartzmon that took the form of a Tsumemon. After Infermon was defeated by XrosUpArresterdramon (Astamon), Infermon digivolved with an army of Quartzmon and became Diaboromon. He was proven to be more than a match for the Digimon Hunters, able to defeat Arresterdramon, Astamon, Cho-Hakkaimon, Tuwarmon, and OmniShoutmon with ease. Diaboromon was about to kill Tagiru, but was shot by Beelzemon. Diaboromon was eventually destroyed by Shoutmon X7.

Digimon World 2

Diaboromon may appear at level 35 every 14 floors at Tera Domain alongside two lv. 5 Betamons. He can also be digivolved from an Okuwamon that has +20 DP.

Digimon Tamers: Brave Tamer

Diaboromon appears to be one of ZeedMillenniummon allies and fights with him in the final battle, along with Armageddemon.


  • Inferno Missile
  • Web Wrecker
  • Cable Crusher
  • Paradise Lost


  • During the shows original run, Diaboromon was the only opponent they faced that was not born in the Digital World, being created in the human world instead.
  • Due to his habit of eating and absorbing data, Diaboromon was stronger than an average Digimon of his level. This allowed him to hold his own against the Digi-Destined until the birth of Omnimon.
  • In the original series, Diaboromon was the only opponent to digivolve during combat. Although fellow Digimon villains Etemon and Myotismon would later return in stronger forms, they only engaged the Digi-Destined once they had digivolved into their mega forms (MetalEtemon, VenomMyotismon and MaloMyotismon).
  • It is rumored that his name means "Diabolical Monster."
  • Although Diaboromon was killed off halfway through the Digimon Movie in order to introduce the real main antagonist, Diaboromon served as the movies Heavy because it was the infection of the internet that drove the plot which made Kokomon the Big Bad because he was far more dangerous than the previous monster and the one behind the plot.
  • Diaboromon is one of the strongest opponents that the Digimon Adventure Digi-Destined ever faced, coming the closest to killing WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon. He is also one of the franchises smartest villains, utilizing his strength, environment and underhanded tactics (i.e. the emails) to his advantage.

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