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I mean, waiting for your cutie mark is sooo last week. You got yours, I just got mine. We all have them already. (gasp) I mean, almost all of us have them already.
~ Diamond Tiara
These are the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and they are my friends! You need to stop calling them such mean and hurtful names! They are working harder to get their cutie marks than anypony I've ever seen! And they will get them exactly when they discover their true talent, which I guarantee will be amazing!
~ Diamond Tiara standing up to her mother.
I have to thank you, Crusaders. Obviously, I've known since I got my cutie mark that my talent is getting other ponies to do what I want. I just asked my father if he could donate the money for the new playground equipment!
~ Diamond Tiara thanking the Crusaders for helping her find out who she is.

Diamond Tiara is a classmate of Cutie Mark Crusaders and a former antagonist in the series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

She bullies the Cutie Mark Crusaders, along with her friend Silver Spoon, and calls and picks on other ponies without cutie marks, "Blank Flanks" because she believes that will not be shown their no talent. In the episode "Crusaders of the Lost Mark", she becomes reformed.

She was voiced by Chantal Strand, who also voiced her mother Spoiled Rich.


Diamond Tiara was first appeared to be selfish, sadistic, rude, merciless, and overall bratty. Her closest (if not only) friend is Silver Spoon, who often acts as her follower and usually on her side. She views those that doesn't have cutie marks as an inferior and mockingly referring them as "blank flanks", particularly Cutie Mark Crusaders, whom she always picked on. When the Crusaders are being happy or her plans and schemes are being ruined, she will throw a breakdown as result. She also encourages their stories in the episode "Ponyville Confidential", but later resorts to blackmail them if they try to resign. Despite this, she is hinted to have redeeming qualities, as she will try to "befriend" the Crusaders, as seen in the episode "Twilight Time".

In the episode "Crusaders of the Lost Mark" revealed that her attitude and treatment towards other ponies was a result of her mother's upbringing, who harbors an equal if not deeper contempt for the common social class. Despite she always acts due to her mother's teachings, she secretly wanted to become a better pony, but failed to realize that bullying and inflicting pain towards others doesn't make her happy. After she stands up to her mother, she finally developed her kinder and generous personality, donating her money to the school and guiding other ponies through her natural-born leadership.



Not much known about Diamond Tiara's past, but it is known that she is born from a wealthy Rich family. Before her encounter with Cutie Mark Crusaders, her mother Spoiled Rich verbally abusing her by pushing her into becoming as arrogant and heartless as her, which causes her to turned into what she had become prior to the series.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

In the episode "Call of the Cutie", Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon invite Apple Bloom and Twist to their cute-ceañera, a party for those who have recently earned their cutie marks. (The name is a pun on the Spanish quinceanera, a girl's "sweet 16" or coming-of-age party.) It's heavily clear that they were only invited so that other party attendees can mock them for their lack of marks. Twist manages to gain her cutie mark after finding her talent (making candy), but unfortunately, Apple Bloom doesn't earn hers before the party.

At the party, Apple Bloom tries to hide her lack of Cutie Mark with a table cloth but bumps into Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. She claims that she got her Cutie Mark earlier, but doesn't want to show off and take attention away from the party's guests of honor. Diamond Tiara replies that she didn't want to see Bloom's cutie mark anyway. As Apple Bloom prepares to leave, she trips over the long table cloth and hits her head on the table that the radio was stationed on, thus exposing her flank. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon see that it's blank and don't hesitate to make fun of Apple Bloom, who is soon joined by two other blank flanks, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle. The teasing gets ignored as Twilight Sparkle and Applejack explain that being a blank flank means still having many possibilities open. Diamond Tiara is later seen standing alongside Silver Spoon in the stairway, watching the other ponies play party games.

She appears again along with Silver Spoon on stage at the talent show in the episode "The Show Stoppers", as well as during the lesson in the episode "The Return of Harmony Part 1" and in the episode "The Cutie Pox" with Diamond Tiara trying to prove in the schoolyard that Apple Bloom's cutie mark is a fake. Later she asks Cheerilee if it's really fake and is seen being jealous of Apple Bloom's loopty-hooping ability.

She appears in the episode "Family Appreciation Day", alongside her father, Filthy Rich. When she visits the farm with her father, she points out Granny Smith's odd behavior to Apple Bloom and convinces her of how humiliating it would be if Granny Smith spoke to her class. After Granny Smith impresses Apple Bloom's class with her presentation of how she helped found Ponyville when she discovered and learned how to cultivate zap apples, Diamond Tiara openly denigrates her. At the end of the episode, her father, evidently mad that his daughter insulted his most valuable produce supplier for his business, forces her to participate in singing to the water cans, much to her frustration. In the episode "Hearts and Hooves Day" is given a card from Alula to her surprise and then is seen checking her hooves and then reacts to Cheerilee.

Her most villainous deed is in the episode "Ponyville Confidential", where she is the chief in charge of the school paper: the Foal Free Press. She appoints the Cutie Mark Crusaders the writers of the gossip column, while she has the photographer Featherweight stalking everyone and "document everything". When the Cutie Mark Crusaders attempt to resign their position, Diamond Tiara blackmails them with embarrassing photos, taken by Featherweight. She's angered when both writers and photographers stop working for her after the Crusaders publish an apology letter to Ponyville. Diamond Tiara is later stripped of her position by Cheerilee, who gives it to Featherweight. At the end of the episode she has been demoted to take care of the printing press and the previous holder of that position, Shady Daze becomes the photographer and decides to take a picture of the demoted Diamond Tiara. The flash from the camera dazes her and makes her stumble upon the printing press, making her dirty with ink. As everyone is laughing at Diamond Tiara, the episode closes with her looking bitterly at the audience.

In the episode "One Bad Apple", she and Silver Spoon mock the Cutie Mark Crusaders float for the Summer Harvest Parade. When they notice Babs Seed, they point out her blank flank and ask her if she will join the CMC. Babs responds by calling the CMC "crybabies" and destroying their float, to Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon's delight. Babs joins them in bullying the CMC until they save her from a sabotaged float. As Babs is about to leave Ponyville, Diamond Tiara bemoans her and Silver Spoon being left with the "blank flanks", causing Babs to turn on them, threatening to tell their mothers about their bad attitudes. In fear, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon back up and fall into a mud puddle, with Diamond Tiara's tiara ending up on the head of a pig.

In the episode "Flight to the Finish", she and Silver Spoon compete for the honor of being the flag bearers of the Equestria Games. They spy on the Cutie Mark Crusader's rehearsal and realize that the trio might actually win. They then decide to undermine Scootaloo's confidence by mocking her inability to fly. In the end, Scootaloo and her fellow Cutie Mark Crusaders perform their act, winning the right to be flag bearers, to Diamond Tiara's displeasure.

Diamond shows a significant change of heart in the episode "Crusaders of the Lost Mark". She begins the episode by running against Pipsqueak for class president, but when she loses, she is berated by her mother Spoiled Rich. After the Crusader's spy on her soliloquizing, they invite her to her clubhouse. Upon hearing Pipsqueak reveal that there is not enough money in the budget to repair the school playground, she runs off to the school seemingly to call out Pipsqueak and reclaim her place as class president. When Spoiled Rich berates her again, Diamond Tiara finally had enough and stands up to her mother and asks her to give a note to her father, which she complies. Her father provides enough money to repair the school playground, and she helps guide the other foals in fixing it. When the Cutie Mark Crusaders officially got their Cutie Marks for helping other ponies get theirs, she points it out to them and actually praises them for their efforts. Despite the fact that Pipsqueak is class president, he still depends economically on Filthy Rich.

Diamond Tiara appears as a background character in one episode and the second part of the finale at the end of season 5.


  • Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are also the most recurring villains in the show. Also, Diamond Tiara has become the villain with most of the songs, overcoming Dazzlings, as she was singing first in the episode "Pinkie Pride" and then having three songs in "Crusaders of the Lost Mark", totally having four songs (three of which shared with heroes the same way of "This Day Aria" of Queen Chrysalis), not counting her background singing like in the "Battle of the Bands" of the Dazzlings.
  • Ironically, Diamond Tiara's voice actress Chantal Strand has previously voiced two notable characters who are the polar opposite: Cassie on Dragon Tales and Bijou on Hamtaro.
  • Diamond Tiara, along with Silver Spoon are third and fourth antagonists to be redeemed by offered friendships by protagonists (this time by Cutie Mark Crusaders). The first was Discord (by Fluttershy), the second was Gilda (by Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash), and fifth was Starlight Glimmer (by Twilight Sparkle) later.
  • Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon had appeared physically in 28 episodes, overcome Discord who appeared in 21 episodes and one special, Nightmare Moon has appeared in 7 episodes, and the Flim Flam Brothers have appeared only in 8 episodes and one special.
  • Unlike other My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic villains that had been antagonists in episodes starring Mane Six, with the exception of Babs Seed. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon were antagonists only in episodes starring Cutie Mark Crusaders.
  • Henry Bowers and Peter Gordon likely were her inspirations, as Diamond Tiara and Henry were abused to the point of becoming bullies and pink is their trademark colors (Henry wore a pink leather jacket in the novel). She and Peter became bullies to boost their own reputation and they came from rich families.





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