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Diane is the secondary antagonist of the 2011 film Vile. She is a fanatic who believes that everyone needs to suffer from pain to be innocent. She lures unsuspecting victims via hitchhiking and kidnaps them. She brings them to a house where they are forced to hurt themselves to escape.

She is portrayed by McKenzie Westmore.

In the film's opening scene, she is dressed in a surgeon's outfit, and cuts a man's chest open. She then tortures him by pouring salt into the wound. Next she is seen at a gas station at 1:00 AM, where she introduces herself, though it is very likely that she was lying about her name being 'Diane'. A group of friends, Kai, Tony, Tayler, and Nick pick her up, as she tells them her car ran out of gas. Tony comments in how her perfume smells nice, to which she responds that she makes perfumes for a living. When they drop her off at her car, she says that she will give Kai and Tayler a sample of her perfume as a token of her appreciation. However, she returns with a gas mask and gasses them to unconsciousness and takes them to the house with Sam, Greg, Lisa, Tara, and Julian; and the film's events take place. At the end of the film, Nick, the only survivor, sees Diane attempting to kidnap a redneck, but fails. Nick apparently kills her as revenge.

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