Dice (real name: Tracey Jerrod) is a villain from the 2011 TV show The Cape episode 5 "Dice". She was born with the power to see the future and probability manipulation. Her father was a research physicist who worked with Chess to duplicate her power. They later developed advanced technology by mapping Dice's brain, however Chess later killed her father he then stole the technology known as T.R.A.C.E. she returned to Palm City, seeking revenge on Chess, and did not care who she put in danger to get to him, whether his assassination involved blowing up a casino or burning down a building filled with innocent people. However, in the end, The Cape stopped her and sent her to Owl Island's prison.


Probability Manipulation is a term used to describe the ability to make things happen in most cases it causes a unlucky event to occur

With her understanding of quantum physics she can see the future however The Cape and Orwell seem to be immune to her power or as she calls it blind spots.

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