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Dick (real name: Richard) is a minor antagonist in The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence).

He is played by Lee Nicholas Harris.

Role in film

Dick is an obese, tatooed man who lives above Martin Lomax, the films main protagonist. He consistently plays very loud techno music and the one time Martin's mother complained to him about it (she actually framed Martin for the complaint), Dick viciously beat Martin whilst insulting and threatening to kill him if he ever bothered him again.

Dick is not seen again until Martin lures him back to his apartment, shoots him in the butt and knocks him out with a crowbar. Dick is then subjected to the horror of being the 6th part of Martin's Human Centipede. He get's shot by Martin when he tries to escape, but his fate is left uncertain as it is left ambiguous as to whether or not the events of the film were a daydream.


Dick is an extremely cruel, violent, selfish and callous beast. He proved, after being in the movie for barely ten seconds, that he could not possibly care less that his his loud music disrupts others. The first time he was disturbed whilst listening to his music (Martin's mother banged the ceiling with a broom), Dick ruthlessly swore and insulted them both, over turned the kitchen table, slammed Martin to the floor and kicked him several times. Dick openly told Martin that he would play his music loud enough to rapture his (Martin's) ears and that he would kill him if he ever bothered him again. Nothing is known about Dick's past but it can be assumed his upbring was absolutley terrible, considering how he turned out. He clearly had no concept what so ever of consideration for others and as far as he was concerned, what he wanted was all that mattered and if anyone ever suggested otherwise, it was ok for him to attack them.


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