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You have no idea, do you? You think I'm the big wheel. When it comes to the crunch, kid, I'm nobody, just like you. A-And the people who really, truly run this city, they're watching you huff and puff and run around crusading, and they are laughing at you. You're so deep in the maze, you can't see over the wall.
~ Dick Lovecraft to Jim Gordon.

Dick Lovecraft was a corrupt entrepreneur and billionaire, who was suspected of being behind organizing the Wayne murders. He is the supposed main antagonist of the "Lovecraft" episode, but it is revealed that someone else killed the Waynes, and in order to tie loose ends, assassinated Lovecraft as well.

He was portrayed by Al Sapienza.


Lovecraft was investigated by Assistant District Attorney Harvey Dent, who used Detective James Gordon's witness Selina Kyle to go after Lovecraft since Lovecraft was suspected of having Thomas and Martha Wayne murdered due to their disagreements. Lovecraft was later called into Dent's office where Dent tried to get him to sign a confession before things got ugly. Lovecraft started to act rude to Dent prompting Dent's sinister persona to go off on him for a brief moment.

Later, Detective James Gordon confronted Lovecraft since he suspected him for having called out a hit for Selina Kyle. Lovecraft denied involvement and revealed that Copperhead was after him as well. Lovecraft revealed to Gordon he discovered something about Thomas Wayne before he died but before he could talk, Copperhead shot him with Gordon's gun.

Mayor Aubrey James, a politician under the thumb of Carmine Falcone, made it look like Gordon knocked Lovecraft out and used his gun to commit suicide due to the pressure Gordon gave while interrogating him,making it impossible to figure out if Lovecraft actually hired the gunman who killed Thomas and Martha Wayne.


  • Lovecraft was possibly aware of the Court of Owls as he makes reference to people who truly run the city and that Gordon is unable to see it. As The Court are revealed near the end of season 2 as the ones who truly run the city, this is highly probable.


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