Dickie RC
Dickie was the antagonist of the episode Stank'd to the Future.

He was voiced by Bobcat Goldthwait.


In 1985 he was stood up by his Prom date, overcome with misery and anguish he fell victim to the Sorcerer's magic, and was thus turned into a monster. Due to Mac Antfee's selfish nature, he simply imprisoned him in the freezer. In the present day he was accidentally unfrozen, and thus continued his rampage. Randy found him and turned him back to normal, due to his shock, horror, anguish and misery at the differences between his time and now, and being trapped away from his love, he quickly became the victim of the Sorcerer again. This time using his own misery to possess him, turning he back into a monster, but this time making him practically unstoppable, as his grief and sadness couldn't be destroyed. Randy managed to overpower him, but was unable to stop him or turn him back to normal. And thus he continued his rampage, however Randy realised that his teacher, was the grown up version of Dickie's love. Getting her to him, upon reunited with his love, it not only returned him to normal, but aged him up to his true age, so he and his love could be together once again.

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