Good thing the kid chickened out so you don't have to go, right Feder?
~ Dickie taunts Lenny at the water park

Dickie Bailey is the main antagonist of the 2010 comedy film Grown Ups. He is Lenny Feder's arch-nemesis who is upset on him because he allegedly had his foot on the outside line at an old basketball game which they played when they were still kids, in which his shot should not have been counted, therefore, he seeks revenge on him.

He was portrayed by Colin Quinn.


Early life

Bailey was once a high school student at the school where Lenny and his friends learnt. One day, they had an important basketball game of the school's group, they won, but Lenny allegedly had his foot on the outside line in which his shot shouldn't have been counted. Since, he vowed revenge against him.


As Lenny and his friends as well as their families went to the vacation at the forest cabin, they had met and reunited with Bailey once again, who express his wrath towards him. Dickie is then challenges him and his friends to a rematch, but Lenny declines after noting that Dickie is decidedly out of shape.

Water Park

After the reunion, Lenny, his friends and their families are arriving to a huge water park ,where they having fun as their old times, but later, Lenny and the group go to the zip line and meet Dickie again, this time with his own group of friends and former teammates, including Wiley who afterwards been hospitalized when he slams on a shopping kiosk instead of landing in the swimming pool after sliding down the zip line by his feet. Lenny teaches his son how to shoot a perfect shot during basketball.

The Basketball Game and Success

On their final day at the lake house, Lenny and his buddies are challenged once again to a basketball rematch by Dickie. At the game-deciding shot, Lenny purposely misses in order to allow Dickie and his team to win, thus, Dickie succeeded to take his vengeance against Lenny.


Dickie Bailey is extremely ruthless, cold, dark, wrathful, vengeful, relentless, selfish, egotistical and most of all, competitive. When Lenny made a wrongful step in the old basketball game at the school days, Bailey sought to defeat him at any way, and to humiliate him. He does succeed in that when he wins in the rematch nearby the end of the film, but fails to humiliate him.

Bailey is shown to be calm towards his family, but wrathful towards his son as he attempts to make him become much like him; wrathful, vengeful and competitive.


  • Bailey returns in the 2013 sequel Grown Ups 2, as a minor character.
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