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The Dictator is the main antagonist of the Raiden Fighters series. The main threat from the Dictator comes from their military might, commanding a large navy fleet, an air force squadron, a massive land battleship in the desert, and a supply train yard with a giant war train. The Dictator's Military spurred the formation of the Gun Dogs fighter squadron by the allied nations as a means to fight back. The influence of the Dictator is felt in the entire series.


The Raiden Fighters series consists of three games: Raiden Fighters (1996), Raiden Fighters 2: Operation Hell Dive (1997), and Raiden Fighters Jet (1998).

In the games, the Dictator is never shown as a character. The Dictator's full name, gender, and other personal information is unknown. The Dictator's presence is alluded to through their military actions in the games.

The Dictator was not even acknowledged as a character in the first game. They were only referred to as "the enemy" in that game's prologue after clearing the final stage of that game.


Raiden Fighters

At the end of the first game, the Dictator's military was defeated when their fortress, Rafflesia, was destroyed by the Gun Dogs squadron. What little remained of their forces was forced to retreat, and peace was restored in the war-torn region.

Raiden Fighters 2: Operation Hell Dive

Four years after the events of Raiden Fighters, the remnant guerrilla forces were reassembled by the Dictator and a new nation was established. They sent their new military out to attack the allies again.

In response, the Gun Dogs were called back to duty, armed with improved weapons and upgraded fighter craft. This set of demanding missions against the Dictator was called "Operation Hell Dive".

The Dictator's new military might included a large war train, Violet Head, and a massive land battleship, Sand Lobster. After the Gun Dogs destroyed these two targets, they assaulted the Dictator's new fortress and main headquarters: Rafflesia II. Making a desperate last stand, the Dictator launched an attack against the Gun Dogs using their experimental attack gunship, the XB-7, code-named Red Eye.

After the defeat of Red Eye, the Dictator's forces were defeated, this time irreparably. However, the Gun Dogs were warned to remain vigilant for any signs of a new uprising by the Dictator.

Raiden Fighters Jet

The Dictator was rendered powerless in the events of Raiden Fighters Jet. However, the remnants of their forces routed by Operation Hell Dive captured a nearby allied city, which contained a weapons factory. The weapons factory was building an advanced bomber, and the government feared the possibility of the bomber being captured.

During a simulation training as part of the government's next-generation tactical fighter project, the XTF-1, a pilot who scored high enough in the simulator was authorized by the Air Force Intelligence Department to pilot the aircraft of the XTF-1 project, the Ixion. The Ixion was ordered to take to the skies above the occupied allied city and destroy the newly-rebuilt Jasper Virtuos attack helicopter.

After dispatching Jasper Virtuos, the Air Force Intelligence Department ordered Ixion to the weapons factory, which was under siege by the enemy forces. The enemy was loading a nuclear cruise missile onto the stolen bomber. Ixion was ordered to clear the enemy from the weapons factory and prevent the bomber from taking off.

Upon reaching the bomber, the enemy sent out a large hovering tank, Simon Quartz, to distract the Ixion at all costs. Once Ixion destroyed Simon Quartz, it chased after the fleeing bomber, which was going to launch the cruise missile at a heavily populated city. After the bomber was destroyed, it launched the cruise missile out of spite. The Ixion pursued the cruise missile and destroyed it en-route to its target.

Thus, The Dictator's forces were defeated once again. The weapons factory was retaken, though with major damage, but the enemy was dealt such a crushing blow that peace should be maintained for the time being. The real-world battle information gathered from these missions by the Ixion would end up being useful to the XTF-1 project, greatly contributing to its future development.


After the game it's never told by Seibu Kaihatsu on what happen to The Dictator and its Military but some fan theories covered it. Its implied the enemy nation was disbanded and The Dictator was punished for their crimes, where they were implied to be executed for their crimes as it being a common fate for war criminals.

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