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Ho ho!! Spoiling for a fight, are you?! Very well! A fight you shall have! Against the ignorant masses themselves!!
~ Dictator attacking Izuku Midoriya.

Dictator is a minor antagonist in the anime/manga series, My Hero Academia.

He is a hunchback supervillain who was freed from imprisonment in Tartarus after the Paranormal Liberation War, then joined All For One as one of his many assassins working to retrieve the current user of One For All, Izuku Midoriya.


Dictator is a small hunch-backed man with an monstrous appearance. he is covered in a gigantic coat with holes to make space for the strings produced by his Quirk, with a striped robe underneath. His head in the center where his collar is, with eyes resembling target reticles and large teeth usually in the shape of a wide grin, However, it is unknown if that face is his actual head, or simply a mask.


Dictator speaks in an eccentric and poetic manner, having a habit of making eloquent speeches. He takes pride in his Quirk, believing his army of puppets to give him power in numbers and requesting to take control of Izuku to give him more protection. He is a loyal servant All For One and has lots of understanding on Izuku because of him. He is able to exploit Izuku's desire to save innocents by sending a large group of civilians after him, knowing he won't fight back. He is also quite sadistic as he forced the civilians under his control to attack Izuku all at once, even if they were fully aware and tried to object.


Dictator was a supervillain who was captured by the late Pro Hero, Crust, during the Bloodless Surrender Case and imprisoned in Tartarus. After the fallout from the Paranormal Liberation War, numerous prisons were broken all over Japan, flooding the streets with villains and leaving the civilians to take justice into their own hands due to distrusting Pro Heroes. Dictator was one of those villains, and joined All For One as a hired gun to retrieve Izuku Midoriya, who had unleashed the full power of One For All.

After Izuku fended off several assassins, Dictator awaited him alongside a massive crowd of people under the control of his Quirk, Despot, lamenting how Izuku was taking on the world alone to the point of exhaustion and ruin, as All For One described him. He then told Izuku that he wanted to take him for his own protection. Izuku recognized Dictator as another Tartarus escapee working for All For One, and how Crust captured him.

Dictator tells Izuku that he will fight against the ignorant masses themselves, sending out his army to attack him en masse. The civilians apologize to Izuku and warn him that they have no control over their own actions, while Izuku refuses to fight them due to his refusal to harm innocents. As he is beaten up by the controlled mob, his fellow hero and best friend Katsuki Bakugo comes to the rescue, flies up and unleashes his Armor-Piercing Shot move to strike Dictator, stunning him and breaking his control over his army. Katsuki then reports to his allies that he has found Deku.

As the rest of Class 1-A arrived at the scene, Dictator has been restrained by Yaoyorozu, found by the police and sent to Tartarus again, as the civilians he controlled leaves the scenery.


  • Despot: Dictator's Quirk allows him to take control of people using the strings coming from his back, up to hundreds at once. They are fully conscious and are aware that they are unable to control their bodies. Despot's control can be broken through either doing a strong blow to his victims or knocking out Dictator himself.
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