"Stu, a word?"

In the Robot Chicken sketch, A Rugrats Joke, Didi Pickles, Tommy's mother, was shocked to see her son and the rest of the babies in the street after they finally found Tommy's Reptar doll after a risky adventure.  When she took the babies back home, her husband, Stu, arrives and was relieved to see the babies back home safe and sound after being lost for hours since he couldn't find them anywhere.  Didi then brings Stu to the kitchen to talk to him privately where she angrily blames him for the babies getting lost saying that they're only babies calling him a "sackless moron."  Stu tries to explain to Didi that the babies just ran off while he was working on a new toy, which Didi sarcastically accepts.  Stu then tries to warn Didi never to judge his work, but Didi interrupts saying that he might hit her if she does, and says "Ooh, you're such a man!" sarcastically.  Then she starts beating up Stu violently saying "I'll be the man!" causing a sobbing Stu to beg for a divorce.

A Rugrats Joke-3

A Rugrats Joke-3

"I'll be the man!"


  • One of the main differences between the original Didi and the Robot Chicken parody is that the original is philanthropic, whereas the parody is willing to be abusive to Stu.
    • Interestingly, in "A Rugrats Joke", it is implied that Didi may have abused Stu in the past, due to wanting a divorce to separate him from the domestically abusive wife.
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