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It was twelve years ago when the Federation's military threatened all of South America. Their leader, General Almagro demanded that all U.S. born citizens should be imprisoned or executed.
~ Elias' narration in the opening of "Legends Never Die".

General Diego Almagro was a flashback antagonist in the 2013 video game Call of Duty: Ghosts. He was the original leader of the Federation during its foundation twelve years prior to the main events of the game.


After General Diego Almagro commanded the extermination or gaoling of all U.S.-born individuals in the territories that are dominated by the Federation, the Ghosts' leader, Captain Gabriel Rorke convinced the U.S. leadership to send him and the Ghosts in Caracas, Venezuela.


Lieutenant Elias Walker, Rorke, Sergeant Thomas Merrick and Private Alex "Ajax" Johnson hijacked NH90 helicopter. After Elias shot a Federation soldier, Almagro overpowered Elias, but as Almagro was about to shoot him, Rorke tackled him, giving Elias time to recover and shoot and kill Almagro as he was fighting Rorke.


Almagro's death was in vain as this did not stop Federation from rising to superpower. Furthermore, Lieutenant Elias Walker was forced to leave Rorke during the mission. Rorke was captured by the Federation, and converted within the Amazonian torture methods into a Federation field commander and the most dangerous threat that the Ghosts ever faced.


  • Despite being a minor flashback antagonist, Almagro was a Big Bad of Call of Duty: Ghosts as his actions resulted in Rorke becoming the main antagonist of Call of Duty: Ghosts as well as one of the most dangerous villains in the series.

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