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Diego Jimenez

Diego Jimenez is the overarching antagonist of the fourth season of the Starz series Power and one of the two main antagonists (along with Dre Coleman) of its fifth season. He is one of the two bosses of the Jimenez Cartel along with his sister Alicia Jimenez. He is also the boss of the Toros Locos gang's leader Uriel.

He is portrayed by Maurice Compte.


Life of Crime

Diego and his cartel were the competition and enemies of the Mexican drug kingpin Felipe Lobos and have attempted assassinations on the drug lord.

Season 4

Sometime after drug dealers James St. Patrick and Tommy Egan killed Lobos, Diego, and his sister make their first appearance when one of his henchmen starts taking the cocaine that he was supposed to sell. They arrive at his house while he is snorting the drug, bringing his wife and daughter. As punishment, they force him to snort the cocaine on the threat of killing his family, causing him to overdose and die. During this time, they kill his wife and Alicia takes his daughter.

They later meet with drug dealer and nightclub assistant manager Dre Coleman who offers to work for them by mentioning that he can help them with his hotel business where they can do anything.

Season 5

Diego and his sister are soon recognized by Angela's task force as head of their drug business. At the airport, Diego and his sister talk with Dre and Cristobal before they leave. However, the authorities arrive (on a tip by Arturo Magdeleno) and take them into custody.

Fortunately, Diego and his sister are released from custody due to certain circumstances.

Diego meets with Dre and collects some money before the latter lures him and his friend to an ambush while telling him its a party. Diego and his friend go to the area only to be shot by Kanan Starks . Diego is personally executed by Kanan who would cut off his head and show it to Jason Micic as a test of loyalty.

Kanan later gives Diego's severed head to Ghost and Tommy and they dispose of his head at the hotel where Dre works in order to cause him trouble.


  • Diego Jimenez's signature weapon on the show is a golden gun similar to Bond villain Francisco Scaramanga .
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