I always trust my boys to have my back. And I... I trusted Monty. He was the one who got me to play. Freshman year, I, um, remember telling him, "Dominicans dont play football." But he wouldn't take that. He taught me pride, he taught me what it was to trust someone, and I miss him.
~ Diego mourning Monty's death.

Diego Torres is the one of the two main antagonists (along with Winston Williams) of the fourth season of the Netflix show 13 Reasons Why. He is a student at Liberty High and a member of its athlete team, the Liberty Tigers.

He was portrayed by Jan Luis Castellanos.


Before the events of Season 4, Diego befriended Montgomery "Monty" de la Cruz after the latter had convinced him into playing football, despite Diego's initial reluctance. From here, it's clear that he and Monty became close friends.

In Season 4, Monty was murdered in his jail cell after raping Tyler Down, as well as being convicted of the murder of Bryce Walker. However, Diego suspects that Monty was framed, which was confirmed by Winston Williams, a fellow student at Liberty High.

Diego teams up with Winston and Monty's sister, Estela De La Cruz to clear Monty's name. The fact that Clay Jensen was being investigated by the police on suspicion of being Bryce's killer prior to Monty being framed, leads Diego to suspect he knows something. Diego and the other jocks at the school harass and bully Clay.

Diego takes Monty's phone and calls Clay using a voice changer to mess with him. He gets him to start a fight in the cafeteria and allow his opponent to beat him up under the threat that he will expose Monty's innocence if he does not. During a camping trip, Diego stuffs a bag on Clay's head, ties his hands and sends him down a hole in the ground.

Diego later brutally assaults Zach Dempsey at the navy pier after the latter drunkenly states that he killed Bryce. At school, he gets into a physical fight with Justin Foley after Diego suspects him. The fight is broken up and Diego is arrested by a racist police officer.

In the end, Diego apologizes to Jessica Davis for everything he has done and says he will let no longer try and expose the truth.


Diego is best described as an aggressive young man. He feels a great deal of anger at the fact that Monty was framed for Bryce's murder and lashes out at those he deems responsible such as Clay Jensen and Zach Dempsey. When Jessica mocks him, Diego aggressively smashes a table and points a finger at her to intimidate her.  On a more positive note, Diego is a good friend and is very supportive to those he cares about. He cares about his fellow jocks as shown by him comforting one who was panicking during an alleged school shooting. He shows a great deal of gratitude toward Monty for encouraging him to join the football team in the first place.  Despite his horrible temper, Diego intends to do good as shown by the fact that during the alleged school shooting he attempted to break out of the changing rooms and take down the shooter before they could kill anyone. However this also shows a very emotional and instinctive side to Diego.


  • While both Diego and Winston are the main antagonists of the fourth season, only he counts as a villain, since Winston was mostly civil with Clay and the group and just wanted the truth about Bryce's death to come out. Diego on the other hand, was much more malicious about it, committing acts of violence and psychological torture to try to get Clay and his friends to crack.


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