Dieter Von Cunth

Dieter Von Cunth

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You punch like a little girl.
~ Dieter Von Cunth

Dieter Von Cunth is a brilliant criminal mastermind who is the special operations agent MacGruber's archenemy and the main antagonist of the 2010 action-comedy film MacGruber based on the Saturday Night Live sketch of the same name. He is first seen arriving in a black Mercedes in east Siberia to steal a X-5 nuclear missile, he coldly kills a dying Russian guard who survived Von Cunth's attack on the convoy who was warning him of the consequences of using it saying " I'm sorry I don't speak Russian ". After MacGruber is briefed on the events that occurred in east Siberia it is revealed that Dieter has assembled a team of the world's most wanted terrorists, thugs and criminals.

It is revealed that Dieter killed MacGruber's fiancé Casey Fitzpatrick however it was never proven in the courts of justice due to his connection with politicians and his cover as a legitimate businessman. It is revealed that MacGruber, Von Cunth and Casey were best friends in college, Von Cunth proposed to Casey and asked MacGruber to be his best man, but Casey began to have second thoughts and slept with MacGruber instead, the wedding was called off and Casey, who had aborted Von Cunth's child, left Von Cunth. Later on, MacGruber and US marine Piper track Von Cunth to an industrial building where he kidnapped MacGruber's future wife Vicki and are captured by Von Cunth's henchmen where he says that the Chinese are paying him to launch the X-5 nuclear missile to target Washington DC and frame MacGruber for the crime.

However, Von Cunth makes a fatal mistake where he cuts a lock of hair off of MacGruber's hair. Mad with anger MacGruber rips the throats out of the two men restraining him, handcuffs Von Cunth to a railing and disables the nuclear missile and leaves Von Cunth to die in the imploding building. However, Von Cunth chops off his hand with a fire axe to escape his cuffs and escaped from the building only to be burned badly.

Six months later at MacGruber's wedding Von Cunth attacks the altar with an RPG but MacGruber and Vicki dodge the missile and MacGruber throws Von Cunth off a cliff and shoots him multiple times, before blowing his corpse up with a grenade.

He was portrayed by Val Kilmer.

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